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The #BloggerTikiParty Meet Up


Being a part of the blogging world can sometimes be a bit overwhelming; As blogs have become mainstream and easier to access, there has been a boom in people creating content for blogs. I know from personal experience it is kinda intimidating trying to get your voice heard across all these amazing blogs however I've found that attending blogger events, like the #BloggerTikiParty in Birmingham, helps relieve my anxiety - it turns out all of us bloggers are pretty friendly and love meeting each other!


Living with depression

As I’m sat writing this, I’m crying my eyes out. My eyes are swollen. I’m not coping with things at the moment.

And that’s a common thought I have that comes and goes in waves. I actually haven’t had it for a while – I’d kinda blocked it out for ages and thought I was getting better. The thing is, you don’t just get better from depression. Sure, you can learn to manage it better. You can’t just snap out of it and wake up and be happy. It doesn’t work like that. 


Cheerz Photo Album

Cheerz is one of my favourite apps. As a photograph lover (there is nothing that makes me happier than reminiscing over old photographs), having an app that makes it easy to print and collect copies of pictures snapped on my phone, or shared on Facebook, makes me super happy. 

When Cheerz reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their brand new Photo Album I was over the moon. Making an album usually consists of hours of printing photos, running out of ink, cropping the pictures wrong, running out of photo corners, running out of pages in the album… the list is never ending! I was curious to see how the process would work out as I’ve never had an album personalised, printed and sent to me with minimal work on my part before. I have tried, and loved, Cheerz products before (you can read the reviews here and here) so I was eager to get stuck in and create my album.
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