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Cocktails & Facials with The Body Shop

The Body Shop has been doing a lot of 'growing-up' recently. With the introduction of luxury spa products, innovative skincare like Oils of Life Sleeping Cream, and a total redesign of their packaging, The Body Shop is stepping up their game and I am very excited to see what they have been up to!

I was kindly invited along to an evening of cocktail making and pampering at The Body Shop New Street store in Birmingham, which was organised by The Blogger's Parlour. Having been off the blogging scene for a little while I was eager to get myself out and about, and meet up with some new blogger friends!

Ideal Homes Show 2016

On 2nd April, I headed down to Olympia in London to have a wander round the Ideal Homes Show, courtesy of the wonderful people at British Gas who were kind enough to send me the tickets to go. To be honest, I'd never heard of the Ideal Homes Show but I am OBSESSED with interior design so I was excited to have a look round the show.

The Ideal Homes Show is an exhibition showcasing the best of home interior design, innovative technology, and cutting edge architectural elements, like eco homes for example. The show also included, much to my delight, a huge food section and a beauty and fashion area. Ideal Homes Show is pretty much an all round crowd pleaser! Not only is there something for everyone, the show itself runs for about three weeks so there is plenty of opportunity to head down and have a proper mooch around everything this show has to offer. Here are some of the highlights from the show.


Things You'd Never Know About Me

A lot of people describe me as being quirky. I'd agree with that and it got me thinking - what are the little quirks that make us up? What makes us us?!

Here are some things you don't know about me but probably should. Like the Becky Warning Label. Here goes...

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