Sleek True Colour Lipstick in 'Pink Freeze'

The Basics
Product: Sleek True Colour Lipstick

Shade: Pink Freeze (780)
Finish: Matte
Price: £4.99

I'm not usually one for a matte lip however I do love a good bright pink lipstick so of course I picked up Sleek's Pink Freeze True Colour Lipstick whilst browsing the make up counters. 

Pink Freeze is an almost neon matte pink shade which gives an amazing pop of pink on the lips. It is highly pigmented and opaque. I love the colour so much but definitely have to tone down the rest of my make-up on days I wear this! (my swatch photo does this lipstick no justice, it really pops!)

I find this lipstick a bit awkward to apply; to me it feels like the toy lipsticks I used to have when I was a kid and it drags a little along the lips if you apply straight from the bullet. Being a matte shade, it is a little drying and does tend to stick to any dry skin on your lips (as you can see in the pictures) however it's not the worst I've used and is easily remedied by a slick of lip balm before using the lipstick. 

I enjoy wearing Pink Freeze; I get loads of compliments when I wear it and it's a great price for the quality and longevity of it on my lips!


Jerome Russell BBlonde Hair Lightener

 *I'm apologising in advance... my camera has died so using my old camera which is just not the same quality, hope the pictures aren't too bad!*

It's scary stuff taking the plunge an going from brunette to blonde. Especially when you are planning to do it at home. By yourself. (Note: Unless you are crazy like me and won't be too distraught if the outcome is horribly wrong, then go and get professional advice before bleaching or colouring your hair. Maybe even let the lovely hairdresser do it for you :) I take no responsibility for how your own hair turns out if you try this!)

I've bleached my hair in the past, expecting it to go a lovely dirty honey blonde hue and slowly realising that is not how it works. The result was a kinda funky ginger/orange shade which I would have liked had it not been so unbelievably streaky and patchy (worst box dye ever!). Back to brunette I went... After months of watching others do it, I decided to dip dye my hair with the Jerome Russell B Blonde hair lightener

Inside the packet is a scary looking peroxide mixing kit which turns bright blue as soon as powder hits the liquid part. This is genuinely scary but all blonde dyes or toners work in this way so there is nothing to fear! The kit also includes gloves, a processing cap, a tray to mix and a tinting brush which is fantastic because I find some kits like this don't include everything you need to dye your hair properly. I applied it to the ends of my hair with the tint brush which was relatively easy however the tint brush is pretty small so may make it a bit more difficult for full head application.

Here is a picture of my hair before the process:

Here is after:

I'm actually really impressed with this! Most box bleaches for 'dark hair' come out orange but this one has gone quite a nice shade of blonde. My hair is slightly brassy however this is easily fixed by a purple shampoo or a toner and, to be honest, the lightness of the colour is impressive considering how dark my hair was to start off with.

I'd definitely get the B Blonde hair lightener it again. It was easy to use, did relatively little damage to my hair and worked a treat! It's available in Boots and Superdrug and retails for around £4.99.

LUSH Dark Angels Cleanser

LUSH are famous for their bath bombs and soaps but they also sell a fantastic skin care range which includes literally something for every skin type, including some great cleansers.

The cleanser I'm using at the moment is Dark Angels which is aimed at younger, oily skin. Solid cleasners look scary, but they are actually really easy to use. All you do is pick a chunk out the pot, add some water and Hey Presto! you have a paste which you apply to your face as your cleanser. Once applied to the face, wash off with some warm water. LUSH like to make their products in a solid form so there is no water in them therefore less preservatives :-)

It has black sugar in which gives it the scrub effect and I really like this because I don't feel I've washed my face properly until I've scrubbed it. The black sugar stimulates and exfoliates the skin. Dark Angels is black due to charcoal. The charcoal is powdered and absorbs any excess oils. Another of the main ingredients is Rhassoul mud which, to be honest, I've never heard of until I used this product. Rhassoul mud is mined from the ground and is great for the skin as it cleanses and removes grease from the skin (great for oily skin).

I was a bit sceptical of Dark Angels as I had been using Herbalism (another lush cleanser) which I loved but I wanted a scrub for my face. I like the exfoliation of Dark Angels, it leaves the skin super soft and feels clean without the weird tight feeling other face scrubs give me. It feels really good to scrub without destroying your skin :-)

After one use I noticed that it did really help with oil reduction on my skin (one of my MALE housemates even commented that my skin looked great!) but it hasn't really helped with my breakouts and blemishes.

Unfortunately it's not recommended to use this cleanser more than once or twice a week which is annoying because it is fantastic and it means I have to use another cleanser for the rest of the week. Overall I really recommend Dark Angels for oily or combination skins; it's really helped me I just wish I could use it everyday!!

Dark Angels is £5.95 and you can buy it from any Lush shop or

Have you used any of the solid cleansers? What do you think of them?

Eyelure Eyebrow Shapers

Eylure are known for their fabulous false eye lashes and when I saw their eyebrow shapers I knew I had to try these out!

The packaging says 'perfect eyebrows without tweezing'. I used to tweeze my eyebrows but could not handle the pain, time and effort it needed to maintain my brows that way. The Eylure eyebrow shapers are basically wax strips in specific shapes to fit around your eyebrow shape. They are super simple to use, just position them and wax away!

There are 8 large strips; 4 for above the brow and 4 for below the brow. Along with these there are 6 ectangle strips for the middle of your brows but I use these for any stray hairs. The pack includes instructions if you aren't sure how to use them but they are really easy to use and you quickly pick up how to get the perfect eyebrow shape. My only complaint is that the strips for underneath the brows are a bit of an awkward shape and take a bit more time to position and use.

For small strips, they are pretty powerful and remove about 90% of the hair I want to go. The occasional one left I tend to just tweeze out but that doesn't seem such a big deal when the whole eyebrow shaping process takes about 5 minutes!

I definitely recommend these. I'm not sure how I survived without them to be honest; it's a great way to shape the brows at about a third of the price you would pay a salon to shape or wax your eyebrows. You can purchase these at Boots or Superdrug for £2.69.

Olia Hair Colour in 6.3 Golden Light Brown Review

I'm a hair dying addict; I'm constantly changing up my hair as I get bored so easily! I have wanted to try the Garnier Olia Hair Colour since it was released here in the UK and I finally got myself a box of it when I decided to try and get rid of my dip-dye.

The Olia hair dye is an oil-powered home hair colourant which is supposed to improve the colour process and condition the hair. One of the interesting points about this dye is that it contains no ammonia. Ammonia is present in many home hair colours as it causes the actual dying process, but it causes high levels of damage to your hair by damaging the cuticle and, therefore, the quality of your hair overall. Not nice stuff! Olia uses an Oil Delivery System, as opposed to the chemical ammonia method, to distribute the colour onto your hair meaning it should be less damaged afterwards.

My hair was originally dark brown with a faded pink/red dip dye (see pictures later in post). I wanted to try and even out my dip-dye and hopefully get my hair one solid colour but I knew that no dye could do that in one go (unless I wanted damaged hair!). I was intrigued by Olia as I thought it might be a better and healthier option for my over processed hair.

The dying process is fairly straightforward and if you have dyed your hair at home before you shouldn't find it difficult to apply (always follow instructions in dye kits and do an allergy test). I liked that the formula didn't drip everywhere as it was a creamy consistency, meaning no weird streaks of dye down my neck and face. It was quite a strange experience having the colour on my head because it was noticeably more oily on my scalp. After washing out the dye, my hair was noticeably softer and silkier and I felt the oil had really conditioned it. The colour had worked on my natural hair but the dip dye just turned an auburn-brown - I didn't mind as it looked quite nice. You can see in the pictures below, my hair does look glossier.
*sorry for the bad quality pictures, it's all I could find!

Unfortunately the effect didn't last; my hair soon went back to it's dry condition after one wash but I think this was due to the bad condition my hair was to start with. I had no trouble with the colour process, the colour was lovely and easy to apply, but I wasn't too blown away by what my hair felt like after which was the whole reason behind buying the colour. It is an unusual product and I can't deny that my hair felt in better condition than it had when using other brands of hair dye. I'd recommend this for those of you who have hair in a better condition - if you have over-processed your hair you're always better off seeking professional advice from a salon!

Becky xo

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