Eyelure Eyebrow Shapers

Eylure are known for their fabulous false eye lashes and when I saw their eyebrow shapers I knew I had to try these out!

The packaging says 'perfect eyebrows without tweezing'. I used to tweeze my eyebrows but could not handle the pain, time and effort it needed to maintain my brows that way. The Eylure eyebrow shapers are basically wax strips in specific shapes to fit around your eyebrow shape. They are super simple to use, just position them and wax away!

There are 8 large strips; 4 for above the brow and 4 for below the brow. Along with these there are 6 ectangle strips for the middle of your brows but I use these for any stray hairs. The pack includes instructions if you aren't sure how to use them but they are really easy to use and you quickly pick up how to get the perfect eyebrow shape. My only complaint is that the strips for underneath the brows are a bit of an awkward shape and take a bit more time to position and use.

For small strips, they are pretty powerful and remove about 90% of the hair I want to go. The occasional one left I tend to just tweeze out but that doesn't seem such a big deal when the whole eyebrow shaping process takes about 5 minutes!

I definitely recommend these. I'm not sure how I survived without them to be honest; it's a great way to shape the brows at about a third of the price you would pay a salon to shape or wax your eyebrows. You can purchase these at Boots or Superdrug for £2.69.

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