Bedroom Tour: Parents' Home edition!

Yesterday was my birthday so I decided to pop back to my parents' house for a couple of nights. I'm the youngest of my family so I have the smallest bedroom of the house, but I really love how, over the years, I've decorated it all and made it my own little space.
I love perfume bottles and my Mom got me into collecting them after she bought me a load of old, vintage bottles. I love the unique bottles that are made of strange shapes or unusual colours. Perfume revokes so many old memories and I quite like the fact that some of my bottles were once important parts of peoples lives with the scents reminding them of past times.

eeekkk... the flash made these look super dusty... *whips out feather duster*
 One of my close friends bought me this money pot that you can only open by smashing it. It barely has any money in it, but I love the idea of smashing it when it's full and having a nice lump of cash ;) The picture in the backround is me when I first started horse riding.

 I'm obsessed with Ikea. This little glass lamp is from Ikea and I love how the floral design is incorporated with the modern glass style lamp shade. It's beautiful and very bright.

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do and when I visit another country I always try and pick up a little souveneir to remind me of the trip. The glass ornaments are from China. They are hand painted and show a monkey (my Chinese zodiac) and a peacock. The shot glass was a novelty I saw in a New York souvenier store. 
 I'm a sucker for cute stuff so I had to buy this when I spotted it in a small shop near my house. Dinosaurs are cool, who wouldn't want to be a breed of dinosaur!?

My Mom is extremely into her crafts and sewing so she hand made these cushions for my bed. They are so cute and match my bedroom perfectly. She also made me a quilt which is in my uni bedroom.
There are a couple of these vintage style photo frames dotted around my room. This one hangs above my bed and has little photographs of memories from before I went to uni.

I'm a book addict and I'm studying for a literature degree. I keep all my books I don't need for studies here at my parents house on a huge shelf above my bed. Last time I counted I had over 120 books :)

Hope you enjoyed this little bedroom tour, sorry it was very picture heavy! I'm planning to do a post on my uni bedroom too ;)

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