Blogger's Festival Guide: Beauty & Toiletries

Festivals are not known as the most glamourous of places yet lots of girls (and boys) manage to rock make up, cool hair and look like they have had a full blown bubblebath rather than a wet-wipe shower. I remember having no idea what to pack beauty wise when I went to my first festival and ended up packing ridiculous things that I didn't touch during the whole festival weekend, so here's my advice on what to take (or not take) with you for all  your beauty needs at a festival :)

  1. Wipes
    Usually I detest wipes. They are bad for your skin, they dry it out, they don't even do that great of a job of removing make up BUT they are a lifesaver at festivals! They can be used to remove dirt, freshen yourself up, alternative to loo roll, the possibilities are endless!
  2.  Solid perfume.
    Not an essential but I'm going to take some solid perfumes with me to the Isle of Wight festival this year as I can't live without perfume but can't be bothered to faff with perfume bottles that could leak/get broken. My favourite solid perfumes are the ones from Lush; literally a fragrance for everyone and they can be put onto the ends of your hair to keep it smelling fresh too!

  3. Dry shampoo
    Unless you have access to showers, your hair is probably going to get dirty at a festival. Dry shampoo eliminates oil and freshens your hair. It can add fragrance and the fancier ones add volume too so you can still have lovely hair over the weekend :)

  4. Bright lipsticks
    Lipsticks are perfect for festivals as they (usually) stay put and are non-sticky. I'd quite happily wear a bright lipstick on it's own and leave the rest of my make up off for a festival so attention is drawn to your lovely painted lips rather than the rest of the face. I think I'll be taking my Revlon lip butters as they add colour, look after my lips and can be easily reapplied throughout the day. (Note: I read this lipstick tip on another blog and as soon as I find it, I will link her and give credit!! Let me know if you know whose blog this tip is on)

  5. Glitter eyeliners/pots/sticks
    If you're not a lippy fan, then maybe try some glitter/liquid liners. I love glitter and glitter eyeliners are a little guilty pleasure of mine. Relatively easy to apply and, if they do go wrong, you can just go glitter crazy and pull off a Ke$ha inspired glitter festival look! This is a little more risky than a lipstick though as there is always the possibility you will get glittery fabulousness smearing and streaking down your face. You have been warned ;)

  6. Travel sized moisturiser
    Your regular skin care routine will probably be out of the window come festival weekend but it doesn't hurt to pop a small sized moisturiser in your bag to keep your skin nice and nourished. Wet wipes suck the moisture out of my skin so I'll 100% be taking some kind of facial moisturiser (if it includes an SPF you get bonus points)

  7. Concealer
    I like to go as make up free as possible but my skin is having a bit of an 'off month'. To save faffing with a load of foundation, I'll be sticking to a nice pencil concealer that I can carry round during the day to cover any blemishes I'm more insecure about.
Of course, make up is not everyone's priority at a festival but I know some people would feel a little happier knowing they could still wear a bit of make up in the day time. From my personal festival experiences, make-up is the last thing on your mind as you are covered in mud, sweat, rain, alcohol throughout the duration of the festival and I didn't see many people with a full face of make up.

Make sure you read my Festival Essentials guide for a more appropriate festival packing list that suits everyone ;)


  1. This was a really great post lovely,lots of very handy tips. I'm only attending a festival for a day so won't need to take toiletries but I will definitely take wet wipes & tissues. I loved the bright lips tip too :)

    Natasha Paris x

    1. Yeah I'd recommend taking a pack of tissues just in case! Not the nicest of toilets to be sat in without toilet roll :( haha xxx

  2. I'm not going to a festival until September but I'll definitely be using a few of these tips! :) Thanks for sharing

    Chelsea xx
    Love in Modern Life

    1. That gives you plenty of time to get your packing sorted then! Hope you have fun :) xxx


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