Blogger's Festival Guide: You MUST pack this! Festival Essentials

Packing for anywhere can be super stressful so I make sure I'm always organised and packed in advance whenever I go away. Last year I went to my first festival (You can read about my experience here) and I had no idea on what to pack! I've made a check list of things I have to take and thought I'd share with my readers as some of the items are things you'd never dream of taking (as I found out last year!).
  1. Hand sanitizer - The festival toilets are more than likely going to be portable (not going to lie - they are as gross as people say). That means no nice hand washing facilities therefore make sure you have hand sanitiser on you to use after a toilet trip.
  2. Toilet Roll/Tissues - Also no toilet roll in the toilets so make sure you have some loo roll handy. I suggest a packet of pocket tissues because they are easier to carry around with you all day and less likely to be seen and stolen by some drunk festival goer!
  3. Gaffer/Duct tape - Not the first thing that pops into your mind whilst packing for a summer festival however it is best to take some as I learnt!  If your tent should break in any way (or get destroyed by a drunk stranger like mine...) you will be thankful you can just tape the rip/tear/broken pole and carry on. It would suck to have your tent broken and have no way to fix it, so better to be prepared just in case! Also you can help other people out with if their tent breaks :)
  4. Sun cream and a hat - Yes, festivals in England are notorious for being mud baths but you never know when a ray of sun may shine down! Ideally you should wear SPF every single day, especially if you're going to be stood in a field all day long partying. If it's extra hot, take a hat with you as you will appreciate the shade.
  5. Wet wipes - Wipes are useful for pretty much everything at a festival. Always good to have some in your tent.
  6. Tent pegs - Before you go to the festival, put up your tent in a garden/living room and make sure you know how to assemble/take it down to avoid embarrassment at the festival. Also make sure you have everything to put it up with and make sure you have enough tent pegs!
  7. Bottled water - Water. Good for survival. Expensive to buy once in the festival grounds along with any other bottled drink. It's also handy for brushing teeth first thing in the morning :)
  8. Bedding - I'd suggest an air bed which can be picked up for reasonable prices (the festival I went to last year had some places you could buy them on site) as camping is not comfortable. Also a nice pillow and sleeping bag. Comfort is a priority in my books ;)
  9. Torch - Imagine you are drunk and need a trip to the toilets. Then imagine you are in the middle of a muddy field full of tents, ropes, metal pegs, etc. You need a torch for the night time as there is limited light facilities around the festival grounds and you don't want to get into any accidents!
  10. Ear plugs - Festivals are noisy at night. Take some ear plugs and make sure you get a good nights sleep. I did not sleep well at all at the festival I went to and I wish I'd had some ear plugs so at least I could get some sleep!
I really hope this helps some of you who are in a panic over what to pack for a festival! Of course each person is individual and you may find you want to take less or more than this little list I have complied. This is a list of things you may forget to take but make sure you read my other festival guides for advice on what clothing, toiletries and gadgets to pack :)

What are your festival essentials? Anything I might forget?!



  1. Tampons/sanitary towels! Not the first thing you might think of but bloody useful even if they're not for you. Lovely post though babe, thanks for sharing ;D xo.

    1. Yes of course!! Could be a disaster if you forgot them haha xxx

  2. I'm off to Reading this year and I had no idea what to take, this has really helped!

    1. Reading was my first festival :) Glad this has been som help! xx


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