BLEACH Beach Lights Balayage Hair Kit Review & Results

Balayage hair is something I've wanted for ages. In layman's terms I'd describe it as a subtle and graduating dip dye that is created through highlighting certain parts of the hair. It's the style many celebs go for including Khloe Kardashian. When I heard that Bleach had released their own 'Beach Lights Balayage' kit I practically ran to the shops to get my hands on a box! Bleach suggest that this is a kit designed to make bleaching easy as pie at home but was it as easy as the box made it out to be?

Disclaimer: I'm going to do this post a little different to other hair products I've used as I'm always a little wary of recommending bleaching or suggesting it is easy when it isn't always. If you are no confident, go straight to a hair dresser. If you do decide to buy the kit after this review then I can't be held responsible if it all goes wrong!

When reading this review, please bear in mind your own 'hair dressing' skill - I do all my own hair so consider myself pretty well practised. Always get help from a friend if you are a beginner and if in any doubt at all, let the hair dressers do it. Now, on to the review!

Here are the before and after photographs of my hair (excuse the standard night club pic for the 'before', I didn't have any good pictures of my hair before). Before using the kit, my hair had been previously dyed a brown-ish colour over a dip dye around two months before bleaching. You can see the very ends of my hair are a little lighter than the rest.
Afterwards, my 'dip dye' was so much much more defined and the pieces of highlight in my hair really made the effect more subtle and natural. Would I recommend bleaching dyed hair? Not really but I took the risk and, luckily for me, it turned out ok! It would benefit from another highlight to get the full balayage effect but, for a first attempt, I'm pretty happy!

The Good
  • The kit contains everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to bleach your hair. I find with many other bleach kits they don't supply you with the dye mixing dish or applicator brush which is annoying as you have to spend extra buying it. Bleach do include a mixing bowl, brush, and gloves plus a hair treatment for after the bleach.
  • The instructions are easy to follow and include very helpful diagrams.
  • The bleach works. I used to dye my hair quite often so I'm always a bit worried when I bleach a to what my hair might end up as but I'm pleased to confirm that this bleach works in a reasonable amount of time without breaking hair or turning it green.
  • They supply more than enough product. It is so annoying when, half way through dyeing or bleaching, you realise you don't have enough product for your hair. Bleach's kit provides two sachets of product which ensures you will have more than enough for all the required highlighting.
  • The price is right. For only £7, Bleach's kit is a bargain and they give you a mini hair mask that will last you at least two washes. 

The Bad
  •  This isn't at all easy to do on your own. In fact it's almost impossible and if you were a bleach novice it could end up a disaster! I'd highly recommend getting a friend to help you with this particular kit and guide you on where to 'paint' the highlights (especially at the back of your head).
  • It's messy. So I was very impressed that Bleach supplied a mixing bowl but it turned out to be way too small for the bleach product. I had to mix the bleach over my bath tub to make sure any spillages were contained!
Even though I struggled using the kit on my own, I was left with a nicely toned, natural ombre to my hair. I went over the bleach with a toner but you could probably get away with not as the bleached effect wasn't too unnatural. Overall I'm pretty impressed with the Bleach Beach Lights kit! If you can recruit a friend to be your eyes and mirror, the final product might be a rather beautiful, natural balalyage!


  1. I think you've done a grand job, your hair looks lovely. Your right, it isn't easy bleaching your hair on your own and its easy to get carried away and become 'bleach happy'. I've got black hair at the moment but I love the balayage hair style! X

    Barbie Sparkles | UK Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you so much! It is a lovely style and nice to have a little change from the usual dip-dye look :) xxx


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