Digital Revolution at the Barbican Centre

My sister lives in London so I took the opportunity to go visit her and explore some of London on my day off. I travelled down on Tuesday 26th August and arranged to meet her at the Barbican Centre.

There was a really cool exihibiton on called 'Digital Revolution' which was "the most comprehensive presentation of digital creativity ever to be staged in the UK" ( and I had been wanting to see it since I'd seen a few pictures on Instagram of the exhibiton.

The begining exhibition is full of retro games, music players and old computer systems and explains where technology began and how it evolved over the years. I got rather competitive over a game of Tetris on an original Nintendo GameBoy!

The next section showed how computer games and film CGI are created from initial drawings to the final computerised product. It was facinating to see how much work it takes to create single computerised frames! The final sections of the exhibition were made of interactive games where you become immersed within the technology. I don't want to give too much away as it really is an amazing exhibitoon worth checking out but it does include a piece of art where you transform yorself into a bird and a game which involves using your eyes to shoot down robots. Like I said, worth checking out and more information is available here. The exhibition is on until the 14th September.

After this we headed over to the Gorilla Perfume shop. As you know I am addicted to LUSH and their perfumes are my favourite products so I was super excited to be heading over to the shop. I wanted to take some photographs inside the shop but was too shy because me and my sister were the only ones in the shop! The shop is small but packed with fragrances; the best ones were the ones that were unavailable in LUSH stores or online. The staff were great and I'd highly recommend a visit if you are a fan of the perfumes. I picked up two perfumes which I will be reviewing after I've had chance to wear them enough :)

We had quite a bit of time to kill so we headed over to Hyde Park for a bit of a stroll to a cafe. It ended a bit wet as it started pouring with rain but I managed to get some photographs!



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