LUSH Gorilla Perfume Stayin' Alive

I remember when I was planning my trip to the Gorilla Perfume shop I told myself repeatedly "Do Not fall in love with the Stayin' Alive perfume". It happened to be the most expensive perfume of the collection and I couldn't let myself get addicted to another expensive fragrance.

Yet, as you can clearly see, I did end up coming home with it. This fragrance is truly irresistible and I could not have left without it!

When I walked in the shop I even said to my sister "I can't try that one I can't afford it" however as soon as these words escaped my lips I had the fragrance on my skin and was truly mesmerised.

The story behind the fragrance is quite interesting, a mixture of keeping long distance relationships alive alongside a seventies influence, and you can have a proper read of it here. It is a very strong fragrance that, on my skin, stays quite smokey however it wears off to a sugary sweet smell which I adore. I just read on that it has frankincense in there which I didn't actually know about but I assume this is why I find this fragrance so beautiful and unique as I've never had a perfume with it in before. It also has vetivert oil, hence the smokey smell, and sandalwood oils in which are two of my favourite scents.

The fragrance lasts all day; I can smell it right up until I go to bed although it is quite faint by then. If you like unique and strong fragrances, Stayin' Alive may be the one for you.


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