Five Reasons You Should Horse Ride

I'm sure I've mentioned this a couple of times but I am a horse rider. I've been riding since the age of 11 (that's 11 years now!) and when I was younger I had my own horses that I loaned from a friend's stables. I always recommend that people try horse riding at least once in their lives; there are so many benefits that you wouldn't imagine getting from a horse ride! Here are my top reasons to why you should try horse riding.
  1. It's an unbelievably rewarding hobby. Somewhere along the line, I lost all my confidence at horse riding. Despite having owned horses and working for years at stables, something had managed to trigger a fear inside of me at the thought of riding a horse. So when I was elected to be a part of my university's equestrian society I decided that was the time to regain confidence. At the start of uni I was too scared to canter (basically a horse running) but a few months alter I was doing small show jumping courses. The pride I felt was immense and it just goes to show you can put your mind to anything!
  2. You can learn a lot about animals. Horses are strange animals. They have their own personalities and will have no problem letting you know how they feel. If you're an animal lover, book yourself a horse riding lesson and let yourself get to know a horse friend. If you aren't aware of how a horse thinks/acts, it won't be safe for yourself of your horse. You don't need to be a horse whisperer but it's nice to know that you 'get' what an animals thinking.
  3.  It gets you outdoors. I love being outside so horse riding seemed a logical choice for myself to get out and explore the outdoors. Whether you are having a ride with friends along a forest trail or out in the field mucking out, you will be exposed to all weathers which, in my opinion, is better for you than sitting indoor all day!
  4. It's amazing for your core muscles. Horse riding, contrary to belief, does act as a work out and it's definitely not just sitting down! To keep your balance you have to have good control over your core muscles and posture. You gain flexibility. You get stronger leg and arms muscles from doing the jobs involved with horse care. If you horse ride properly, you will get fitter.
  5. You make new friends. Like any other hobby, you will end up making a whole new set of friends. I've made friends for life through horse riding. You need horsey friends - who else will be there to laugh when you call off?! ;)
This is just a tiny list of reasons you should try horse riding. Book it now and I guarantee you won't be disappointed!



  1. I love horse riding and used to own 2 but had to sell them due to health reasons. Im desperate to get back into it. I miss it so much. Horse riding is the best
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

  2. I used to horse ride when I was younger but it was quite a costly hobby unfortunately :(

    Alice x


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