I Believe...

It's nice to remind yourself how lucky you are sometimes and reflect on things that make you happy and make you the person you are today. Lush (where I work) have a 'We Believe' statement that are the kind of mantra for all the shops. It's essentially the core values that the founders of Lush aim to instill within the company so, inspired by the Lush version, here is a list of the 'Things I Believe In' to keep me happy:

I believe in having a positive energy and outlook (even when it's really hard). Happiness is contagious.

I believe in looking after the planet and loving the great outdoors. Recycle and Up cycle as much as possible.

I believe in knowing when to give up on things and not feel like you've let anyone down just because you can't make one thing work. Things don't always work out and that's ok.

I believe in being yourself. 100% of the time. Don't change to please others, you are who you are and you'll only be kidding yourself if you change for other people.

I believe in duvet days spent watching box sets of your favourite shows. With lots of chocolate. And crisps. And popcorn.

I believe in still going outside even when it's chucking down with rain, enjoying the smack of raindrops hitting your umbrella and feeling warm and cosy once you're back indoors.

I believe in learning from all of your mistakes, and recognising when you've made them! You wouldn't be where you are today without a few mistakes so be happy you can get something positive from them.

I believe that if you're nice to people, they'll be nice back. People don't like grumpy people (trust me!)

I believe in pushing yourself and testing your own boundary. You don't know unless you give it a try and you might discover something you've been missing out on!


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