LUSH 'Pearl' Massage Bar

I was very excited to discover Lush were releasing brand new massage bars and have been eagerly awaiting their release. The massage bars are oils that can be used for massage inside a solid bar meaning there is no packaging and a lot less mess! The first new bar that I needed to get my hands on was Pearl - a rose jam, yes ROSE JAM, scented massage bar.

To use, all you need to do is hold the bar in your hands which melts at body temperature. Then glide the bar across your skin and massage it into your (or someone else's ;-) ) skin. Pearl is made up from Fair trade organic Cocoa butter and Fair trade Shea butter which moisturise the skin beautifully.

The fragrance is very sweet but floral too. I'm not so keen on floral scents but Pearl (and most Rose Jam fragrances products in Lush) has just the right amount of sweet and floral to keep my sweet-tooth happy. It honestly smells like you could eat it.

The pink bits are sago which helps to boost circulation and give an overall better massage feeling. They looked a bit scratchy at first but as soon as I used the bar they started wearing down and did feel like one of those mini massage tools you can buy - it was great an definitely not scratching my skin!

I'm so glad I got Pearl, I even think it might take over my current favourite massage bar (which is 'Tender is the Night' if you're interested). If you're into sweeter fragranced body products and looking for something to massage your skin whilst moisturising, I would highly recommend you get Pearl!


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