The Reverse Bucket List

A bucket list: A list of goals you wish to achieve before you die. Things to check off as you make your way through life. 

The younger generation strive to achieve more and be better than others which can be quite stressful. I stumbled across a post on Pinterest that delved into the idea of a 'reverse bucket list': a list of things you are very proud to have accomplished already in life (which unfortunately I have lost the link too but will credit the lovely person who mentioned it when I find them!). I always feel that I've not achieved enough and I thought it would be a good idea to make a reverse bucket list to show myself all of the things I should be proud of!

Becky's Reverse Bucket List (in no particular order)
  • Getting a degree. Managing to make it through three years of education hell and having a whole degree to show for it.
  • Getting a place at university full stop!
  • Helping create and run a blogger event at work.
  • Actually getting a job at my current work place!
  • Maintain and not giving up on Geek Gets Glam Blog
  • Working in America in 2012
  • Learning how to show jump on a horse and competing in the university equestrian competition
  • Getting out of my student overdraft in less than six month (although still dangerously close)
  • Being lucky enough to have travelled to loads of places across the globe
  • Moving out of my parents' house into my own
What things are you most proud of? Create your own Reverse Bucket List and leave the link in the comments below.


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  1. This is such a lovely idea for a post! I think it's human nature to be too harsh on ourselves and not give ourselves enough credit. I'm proud of you for all of your accomplishments as should you be!

    Hazzie x


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