101 in 1001

No New Year resolutions for me I'm afraid - this year I'm up for something much more challenging: The 101 in 1001 Challenge...

My Favourite Blog Posts 2014

This year, my blog has come along in leaps and bounds. I've never had such a successful blogging year and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. After three years in total of blogging, and just over one year of Geek Gets Glam, I'm happy to say I am still loving being a blogger and it still has all the enjoyment that it made when I published my first post.

Along with being proud of my blog overall, there are a couple of blog posts I have written that I am quite proud of. Here is a little summary of my favourite posts on my blog this year and why you might enjoy reading them too :)


#BigBlogmasProject2014 Round Up

This month I have participated in the #BigBlogmasProject2014 created by the lovely Nicole (click here for her blog). As an end to the project, here are the six most popular posts of this month with links just in case you missed them!


Best Winter Lipsticks

Winter for me means more darker toned lipsticks. Usually for practical reasons; my eyes stream in the cold so I rub my eyes meaning any eye make up ends up panda-eyed and unattractive! I wasn't planning to do this post as I did a similar one last year but, to my surprise, I have had a change in heart to a couple of the lipsticks I opt for in the winter. Here are my lipsticks of choice this winter...


What I got for Christmas 2014

I was a little reluctant to post this as I hate the fact that some people might see this as showing off. I decided to go ahead anyway as I LOVE reading haul posts and I especially love a nosey around other people's hauls, especially at Christmas time! So, without further ado, here is what I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas this year :)


Christmas Day Photo Diary

Unusually, I didn't take too many photographs this year. I usually end up with hundreds of pictures I never look at so in once sense it's kinda good I didn't fill up my memory card too much. I've picked out some of the best photographs from the day so you can all have a little peek at my Christmas.


A Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas everybody! If you're reading this on Christmas day, stop right now and go and enjoy the day! If you still insist on having a little read on this ol' blog, then we can have a chat about Christmas wishes.

This year has been quite a roller coaster for me; finishing uni, moving out, graduation, job hunting, growing my blog, are just a few of the things that have been going on in my life this year. I stress my self out very easily so my main Christmas wish is just to be happy. I'm usually quite a happy person but I give myself excess stress that I don't need. I wish for a more relaxed approach to life, hopefully making me a little more cheery! So I suppose my wish is dependent on myself more than anything.

Leave your Christmas wishes in the comments below! Have a lovely rest of your day celebrating :)


Christmas Traditions

I only have one Christmas tradition that is personal to me. It's not family orientated, it's not even that special. It's just something that I have to do for myself every Christmas. What is it? Well, my tradition is that I have to buy a new pair of Christmas socks every Christmas.

It's a pretty rubbish tradition but it is something I feel I have to do and I feel really weird if I don't have a new pair! Do you have any weird traditions you do every Christmas? I think the next one I'll add is a new pair of PJ's every Christmas eve :)


My Christmas Jumper

As soon as I saw this jumper I knew I had to have it. It was just hanging on its own on the rail, asking for me to buy it. I really wanted a tacky festive number but this one was too lovely to not pick up. The only problem is that it's a large but it wears nicely so I can just throw it over some leggings and wear it baggy.

It's quite simple and I don't think it's tacky so I'll have no problem sporting it on Christmas day. And, of course, it has sequins on he nose so it had to be mine. I love sparkle :)

Reindeer Jumper // £14.99 // H&M


Becky's Famous Brownie Recipe

Everyone has that one recipe that is their own and everyone else gets excited when they make them. Mine is chocolate brownies. All my friends love my brownies, some even say they are perfect which is a huge compliment as I am rubbish at cooking! Last year I made this rather cute brownie mountain and we had it on the table at Christmas, it looked so cute! I thought I'd share my secret recipe with everyone as they are actually ridiculously easy to make and require no effort whatsoever.


The Alternative Christmas Playlist

A lady came into work the other day and sighed with relief. She then said "I'm so glad you aren't blasting Christmas songs down my ears while I'm trying to shop! I'm sick of them!" and it made me realise how much we over-play Christmas songs this time of year. I love a good old Christmas song but I have to admit that some of my old favourites I can no longer listen to because I'm so bored of them!

I've compiled a list of some festive tunes that you won't have heard on repeat, a really unusual selection if I say so myself, and get you all excited and ready for Christmas!


Finding Out The Truth about Father Christmas

SPOILER ALERT: This blog posts tells the tragic tale of how I found out the truth about Father Christmas and his festive magic. If Santa still delivers your Christmas presents  then stop reading now, as you will be thoroughly disappointed much like I was...

Favourite #BigBlogmasProject2014 Posts

Having never done a blogmas before, I have to say that I have really enjoyed it so far! Having the #BigBlogmasProject2014 has been great for me to get inspired for new posts on my blog and it's been really fun to check out what other bloggers get up ton Christmas. Today I'll be sharing some of my favourite posts from the series this year, take a look and share the love!

Top 5 Beauty Products of 2014

It's coming up to the end of the year so I thought I'd share my top five beauty products of this year. They are mostly old favourites that I have discovered or re-discovered in the last twelve months but, at the moment, they are products I find myself going to for my every day cosmetics.

What's on my Christmas Tree?

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is putting up the tree. It's usually a family affair although, as we've grown older and moved from my parents house, there are less of us decorating the tree year by year. Despite this, it is always a load of fun as we put on the cheesiest Christmas songs and try and create the perfect Christmas tree.

This post is mainly a photograph post but I thought I'd show you some close -ups of the beautiful decorations we have managed to collect over the years, and show you the general look of our lovely Christmas tree.


My Favourite Bloggers

When I saw that one of the topics for #BigBlogmasProject2014 was to write about our favourite bloggers and share the love, I wasn't sure what I as going to do. I follow hundreds of blogs and I read them all quite often but I did manage to narrow it down. 

I chose some blogs that I follow daily and they are people that I think deserve every reader they get. These bloggers are genuinely nice people who are always up for a chat and they make the blogging world so much better. Now, after the soppy intro, let me introduce you to my favourite bloggers...


My Favourite Festive Films

Despite being a Christmas-obsessed lady, I only like a small handful of Christmas films. I find most of them too over-the-top and I know that's kinda the point of them but I can't handle all the perfectness of it all! The one I dislike the most is rather controversial...

Don't kill me but my most hated Christmas film is Home Alone. Eeekkk. I just find it so stupid - I hate the boy's confidence! I know if I had been left alone I would be sobbing in the corner for hours, let alone fighting burglars HOWEVER that is a story for another time, let's move onto a more positive list of the Christmas films I do like ;)


Festive Nail Art Inspiration

One beauty thing that I love doing is my nails. I feel worse when my nails haven't been painted than if I were to step out of the house with no  make up on! Christmas is the perfect time for glittery designs and I was scrolling through Pinterest to find my favourite nail art to take some inspiration from.


Reasons to LOVE Winter

"URGH I hate Winter!"

I hear this phrase quite often and it is quite understandable as to why some people hate winter however I really cannot share the same view. No, it's not the brightest and most easy month to live in but there are so many beautiful aspects that winter brings that people take for granted. 

The Lazy Girl's Winter Essentials

I am a self confessed lazy person. Well, I think lazy is a little strong, I do wake up at 6am or 7am most mornings for work and I do work very hard on my various projects, but I cannot deny that there is nothing I love more than chilling out doing nothing. 

Winter is the perfect time to do such lazy behaviour; it's freezing cold, I slip on the ice, and there's heating and food inside. All signs point to myself staying indoors ;) I've made up a list of all the creature comforts, everything from skincare to well being, I can't live without in the winter... how many do you love too?

Male Christmas Gift Guide

I find buying for men quite a challenge. This gift guide is aimed for the mixture of men in your life however if anyone can think of anymore 'dad' gifts... PLEASE let me know ;) Links and descriptions below, as always!


Clothes Show Live 2014: A Photo Diary

I was super excited to spend a whole day at the Clothes Show Live 2014 on Saturday, courtesy of the lovely people at Popchips. I have been to the Clothes Show Live a few times before but I can honestly say that this year was the most impressive year so far! Take a look at my pictures below and I'm sure you will see why...


My Favourite Christmas Desserts

If you follow me on Pinterest, you might see that I am *slightly* addicted to Christmas things. I've been checking on my Christmas themed pin board to get some inspiration for my own festive feast and thought I'd share some links to some of my favourite Christmas-themed sweet treats! (FYI none of this photography is mine as it's all from Pinterest however I have linked back to all the original posts I got them from, so please head over to the links in the titles and share the love!)

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

Here is my Christmas wish list. I know it's not very  much but I can't actually think of anything I really really want (except the Lush perfume. Tears will be shed if the perfume isn't under my tree). I've included some links to the gifts I'd like to give your elves a bit less work, I imagine they are quite stressed out this year.

Cosy Winter Nights

Recipe for the perfect cosy night in? Right this way! There are so any reasons that I adore winter but one of my favourite reasons is that it is the perfect time to snuggle down and enjoy a cosy night in, staying out of the cold! I thought I'd share my favourite things to do to enjoy a night in, how many of these do you do?


What I've Been Reading

I've been reading a lot more recently. I like to have a read on the train to work as it's the only time I get chance to sit down and get into a book! I was quite glad to see this as a topic on the #BigBlogmasProject2014 as I haven't done a book post in *quite* a while so here is a round-up of what I've been enjoying the last month!


Decoration Wish List

It's not Christmas without decorations and I am rather fond of a good old tacky decoration. I don't do tinsel but I love quirky decorations that are a little odd and this year I am particularly loving the decorations that Paperchase are selling. These are my top picks for this year!


Surviving Christmas in Retail,,15519092_4,00.jpg

Most people are only just getting excited about Christmas time but I have been ready for Christmas since September. Yes, that's right, September. Am I going insane? I'm aware that this is WAY too early to be thinking about Christmas but I cannot help myself...

I've even got 90% of my Christmas presets bought and wrapped. I'm having to hold myself back from covering my bedroom in tinsel. The reason for my ridiculously early Christmas planning is that I have spent the last four Christmases working in retail. Spending Christmas in retail is both stressful and rewarding but I love the festive buzz you get from it all and I've come up with a few tips to help fellow retail workers survive the festive period!


Female Gift Guide

Many of us struggle with good gift ideas and, from experience, us ladies can be particularly hard to buy for. Whether it's your Mum, sister, aunt or best friend you need to buy for, I've complied this list of ideas for gifts. Hopefully something will catch your eye or inspire you to get a similar item!

Reaching for White

The sun rose on fields
snow blown and misted
ghostly swirls and dervishes.
No fog this–––
for fog simply lies.
No–––this was living
as it arched and twisted,
fingering out to the road
and reaching for me
like the shade of a beloved friend.
There was white inside,
trying to seep out of pores,
I felt it strain
trying to mesh and meld
with this sentient wraith
fingers touching
and suddenly
I am the morning mist
dancing in the crystal air.
Lisa Shields

 I love winter - it is one of my favourite times of year. This year I'm taking part in the
#BigBlogmasProject2014 which means I'll be daily blogging about Winter/Christmas related goodness! To kick start the project I thought I'd open with this rather lovely poem about snow :)
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