101 in 1001

No New Year resolutions for me I'm afraid - this year I'm up for something much more challenging: The 101 in 1001 Challenge...
My main objection to resolutions is that they are rubbish excuses. If you really wanted to change something, you'd just do it. Most people never stick to them and it's just another reason to put something off until the new year when you could have done it ages ago. Instead, as part of my personal goal to be a more positive and happy lady, I want to start the 101 in 1001 challenge.

The idea behind it is that there are 101 goals to achieve in 1001 days and it was created by the Day Zero Project. They think that goals are only achieved when there is a deadline i.e. bucket lists won't be completed as they are open-ended goal settings. Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days. Easy.

As I'll be starting this on Thursday 1st January 2015, tomorrow, I'd like to achieve the following goals by Thursday, 28 September 2017 (I'll be almost 25 years old which is slightly terrifying):
  1. Get this list done!
  2. Organise the list into proper categories
  3. Put a fiver away for each task completed
  4. Have a Synaesthesia treatment at a Lush Spa
  5. Have a Comforter? Treatment at a Lush Spa
  6. Save £1000
  7. Pass My Driving Test
  8. Buy A Car
  9. Move out of my Parents' house
  10. Buy a house/apartment/property
  11. Write a book (even if it's rubbish)
  12. Get a full time job
  13. Start my small business
  14. Finish my 5 year journal
  15. Go to Liverpool
  16. Have a long weekend in London
  17. Go to Edinburgh
  18. Go to Iceland
  19. Reach 1000 on BlogLovin
  20. See Bastille live
  21. Read every book I own
  22. Read an 50 books in a year
  23. Lose a stone in weight (or get to ideal weight)
  24. Go to Ireland
  25. Go to Manchester
  26. Learn to cook 5 meals
  27. Get 1000 subscribers on Youtube
  28. Buy an iphone (Well... I got an ipad and a fancy HTC... does that count?!)
  29. Raise money for a charity
  30. Have a LOTR Marathon day
  31. Have a Hobbit trilogy Marathon day
  32. Have an Avengers Movie Marathon day
  33. Do this blog or video
  34. Make a dress from scratch
  35. Learn a song on the guitar
  36. Vlogtober
  37. Go for at least a month without using plastic carrier bags
  38. Not buy any new clothes for a month
  39. Go to New York in winter
  40. Have your own office
  41. Read The Hunger Games series
  42. Read Les Miserables
  43. Learn guitar
  44. Learn ukulele
  45. See a Shakespeare play
  46. Get my own pet
  47. Drink a pint of water every day for a month
  48. Call driving instructor
  49. Buy a "smash pot"
  50. Go to a blogger event
  51. Organise a blogger's event
  52. Get a hair cut. A proper hair cut
  53. Sell/Donate everything you haven't worn last year from wardrobe
  54. Be vegan for a week
  55. Go on a girls holiday. Anywhere will do.
  56. Have a uni reunion.
  57. Have some kind of blog re-organisation.
  58. Write a business plan
  59. Have a Pixar marathon.
  60. Have a Disney marathon.
  61. Go ice skating
  62. Go swimming
  63. Take up horse riding regularly
  64. Have a giveaway on my blog
  65. Sell some candles wholesale
  66. Sell candles to the public
  67. Write 10 poems
  68. Do all the tasks in old creative writing book
  69. Walk the dogs at a dogs home
  70. Plant a tree
  71. Do make up tutorials on YT
  72. Do nail tutorials on YT
  73. Get eyebrows done professionally
  74. Go running at least 3 times a week for a month
  75. Go to the Harry Potter studio
  76. Get my teeth whitened 
  77. Pass theory test for driving
  78. Clear out wardrobe
  79.  Make knot wrap cushion
  80. Make fudge successfully
  81. Complete #100HappyDays
  82. Not buy any Lush for a month (unless I run out of Ultrabland cleanser)
  83. Upgrade my phone
  84. Buy a GoPro camera (or alternative)
  85. Finish a month of 7 minutes 
  86. Use up all my Lush stash (except Ultrabland)
  87. NaNoWriMo
  88.  Make 5 different cocktails
  89. Organise my nail polish stash
  90. Cut out sugar for a week
  91. Comment on 5 blogs a day for a month
  92. Buy a teapot
  93. Do yoga every day for a month
  94. Do a 'Draw My Life' video
  95. Get 500 followers on Instagram
  96. Don’t spend any money on food and drink at work for a whole week
  97. Stargaze in a really dark place
  98.  Bake a birthday cake for someone
  99. Cut hair into a long bob (*gulp*)
  100. Have some creative writing published
  101. Go on a bike ride
Who is up for this challenge then? Let me know in the comments below if you're thinking of doing the 101 in 1001 challenge!


  1. Replies
    1. I've wanted my own office for so long. WHERE DO WE GET OFFICES?!!? lol xx

  2. Wow this sounds like such a good idea! God knows how I'll think of 101 things though! You think being 25 is scary, I'll be into the last year of my twenties then waaaaah!! xx

    1. It's taking me a little while to think of 101 things! I have them randomly pop into my head throughout the day though so started saving them to my phone xxx

  3. Wow I thought that list was for the year at first! Lovely idea, I don't think I can think that far into the future though, too scary!

    1. Haha would be a ridiculously busy year if it was! Yeah it is a little weird thinking that far ahead. I'd add things with my boyfriend/friends/work to the list but, without sounding negative, you never know where you'll be in the future! xxx

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