The Alternative Christmas Playlist

A lady came into work the other day and sighed with relief. She then said "I'm so glad you aren't blasting Christmas songs down my ears while I'm trying to shop! I'm sick of them!" and it made me realise how much we over-play Christmas songs this time of year. I love a good old Christmas song but I have to admit that some of my old favourites I can no longer listen to because I'm so bored of them!

I've compiled a list of some festive tunes that you won't have heard on repeat, a really unusual selection if I say so myself, and get you all excited and ready for Christmas!

One More Sleep - Leona Lewis
This might be my all time favourite Christmas song. Leona Lewis is such an under rated singer - her voice is amazing. I love how this song has all the traditional cheesiness of a Christmas song but it's still really catchy. I find this song going through a loop in my head this time of year. Once you've listened to it you won't be able to stop singing it!

Winter Wonderland / Don't Worry, Be Happy - Pentatonix and Tori Kelly
I quite like the music that Tori Kelly has done, her voice is fantastic, but I'd never heard of Pentatonix. After a little look on Wikipedia, I found that they are an a capella group which is pretty impressive as they sound great! I love the vibes of this song. It's so chilled out and happy. It makes a great change to the usual, predictable Christmas songs so I appreciate this little mash-up.

Shake Up Christmas - Train
This verges on annoying Christmas song but I still have time for it. I quite like that it has the vibe of a usual Train song but is about Christmas time. And I enjoy the way he says "y'all". I also quite like how serious the lead singer is in the video. Natasha Bedingfield did a really good cover of this song too but there isn't that much difference between the two versions so I just included the original.

Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) - The Darkness
Again, I enjoy how serious the lead singer is in the video. Surely this must be for ironic purposes? Either way, it's hilarious and it's such a good Christmas themed rock song haha! It is just so dramatic for what the actual song is, it really amuses me. Also is this song full of innuendos? Am I completely oblivious to what it's really all about?! Either way, I passionately lip sync this one when I hear it as it makes me feel like a God of Christmas-themed rock!

What are your top Christmas songs? Leave me some links to listen to :-D


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