#BigBlogmasProject2014 Round Up

This month I have participated in the #BigBlogmasProject2014 created by the lovely Nicole (click here for her blog). As an end to the project, here are the six most popular posts of this month with links just in case you missed them!

Christmas Decoration Wishlist
It's not Christmas without decorations and I am rather fond of a good old tacky decoration. I don't do tinsel but I love quirky decorations that are a little odd and this year I am particularly loving the decorations that Paperchase are selling. These are my top picks for this year!

Festive Nail Art Inspiration
One beauty thing that I love doing is my nails. I feel worse when my nails haven't been painted than if I were to step out of the house with no  make up on! Christmas is the perfect time for glittery designs and I was scrolling through Pinterest to find my favourite nail art to take some inspiration from.

Finding Out The Truth...
 SPOILER ALERT: This blog posts tells the tragic tale of how I found out the truth about Father Christmas and his festive magic. If Santa still delivers your Christmas presents  then stop reading now, as you will be thoroughly disappointed much like I was...

Clothes Show Live 2014: Photo Diary
I was super excited to spend a whole day at the Clothes Show Live 2014 on Saturday, courtesy of the lovely people at Popchips. I have been to the Clothes Show Live a few times before but I can honestly say that this year was the most impressive year so far! Take a look at my pictures below and I'm sure you will see why...


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  1. Great posts! Well done on doing so well :) xx



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