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When I saw that one of the topics for #BigBlogmasProject2014 was to write about our favourite bloggers and share the love, I wasn't sure what I as going to do. I follow hundreds of blogs and I read them all quite often but I did manage to narrow it down. 

I chose some blogs that I follow daily and they are people that I think deserve every reader they get. These bloggers are genuinely nice people who are always up for a chat and they make the blogging world so much better. Now, after the soppy intro, let me introduce you to my favourite bloggers...

Becky Bedbug //
I have followed Becky's blog for a long time now. I love her chatty style of blogging; it makes it so easy to read and when she recommends something you can tell her advice is her own opinion or her life stories are as honest as they can be. I love that there is a mix of everything on this blog which keeps its fresh and interesting. The layout is perfect for Becky's personality. And, if that's not enough to sway you to follow her right now, she is a lovely person to chat to! 

B by B //
I actually stumbled across Becky's blog by coincidence on Twitter before meeting her in real life a couple of weeks later at the Lush blog event I worked at. Becky's blog screams 'pro at work'; her blog posts are faultless and well though out which makes them great to read. I love her content choices as they are always up to date and relevant to what ever is happening in the beauty and fashion blogging world. A great blogger and lovely person.

Callie Rose //
Callie's blog is another one I have followed for a long time and I'm glad to say that we have become friends because of our blog! She is an inspiring blogger, managing her own family, uni work and her own little business which is all rather impressive! Her blog is lovely to read and I love her lifestyle posts (especially the ones about her little boy!). 

Natasha Paris Blog //
This lady really needs more followers for her fantastic blog! It is mainly beauty and I love that it showcases a whole range of products from high end like MAC to bargain finds in Primark. Reading Natasha's posts is like having asking a friend what they thought about a new product they've bought as it is informal but gets in all the vital information and photos you need. Great blog.

I have actually had the pleasure of being quite good 'real life' friends with Janelle before we even knew that we both had blogs. We did the same course at uni together and I think she got me through these awful Renaissance poetry class we both had to take. Having known the person behind the blog, I can say that Nelle's writing style is a breath if fresh air - I can hear her voice through the blog post and it's refreshing to hear a blogger who is 100% honest. She's back after a break in blogging so go check out her page, it's worth the read!

Let's share the love - leave links to your favourite bloggers in the comments!


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