Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

Here is my Christmas wish list. I know it's not very  much but I can't actually think of anything I really really want (except the Lush perfume. Tears will be shed if the perfume isn't under my tree). I've included some links to the gifts I'd like to give your elves a bit less work, I imagine they are quite stressed out this year.

LUSH Celebrate Scent // £28 / 30ml
I know I work at Lush Santa but they don't stock these in the shops, they are limited edition products that are only made once. If you could get me one present this year, this would be my top choice. I will cry if it sells out but I'm sure you can work your Santa magic to get one for me ;)

I don't actually know what a smart TV is but my own TV that I've had for years has finally given in and broken. This one looks quite snazzy and it is smart, as the name suggests. I think you can stream Internet films from it so I would be able to make full use of my Netflix account.

This was my favourite film of 2014 and I'm having to restrain myself from buying it myself. A laugh out loud action film, perfect for superhero lovers and the friends they force to watch all their geeky films ;)

Disney's Frozen // £6.99
Santa, I am the only person in the UK that doesn't have a copy of Frozen. I've seen the film and managed to live without for a couple of years but now the time has come that I must own my own copy so I don't have to bother my friends to borrow it ALL OF THE TIME.

I feel like a traitor to Lush when I shop in The Body Shop, so if you do it for me it won't be as bad, right?! This smells DIVINE and I've heard good things about The Body Shop hand creams so I'd quite like to try it out.

Thanks Santa, I hope this isn't too much to ask. I'll leave the cookies and milk as usual. 

Lots of love,


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  1. Nice little wish list there :). I'm hoping for some bits from The Body Shop too! The glazed apple products are taking my fancy though, although I love the satsuma products too :).

    Gem x


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