Reasons to LOVE Winter

"URGH I hate Winter!"

I hear this phrase quite often and it is quite understandable as to why some people hate winter however I really cannot share the same view. No, it's not the brightest and most easy month to live in but there are so many beautiful aspects that winter brings that people take for granted. 

One thing I cannot deny: Winter is freezing cold. All the trees die, all the animals go into hiding, and people tend to stick indoors when possible, yet it creates the most beautiful, serene environment. The eerie silence gives you chance to appreciate the landscape, be it urban or rural. You'll notice little nooks and crannies you've not spotted before as they sparkle under the frost like someone has sprinkled glitter all over the place. It makes me feel a little magical! If it snows, it looks beautiful. A huge white blanket covering the ground transforms my rather dull home town into a winter wonderland.

Another great thing about the winter chill is that it gives you the excuse to 1) drink all the hot chocolates that are available and 2) wear all the bobble hats available. Who doesn't love hot chocolate or bobble hats?! I even get a bit excited when I see coffee shops put up their Christmas themed drinks menus. Anything to warm yourself is great for winter and the cold season gives you chance to embrace all those cosy and comforting pleasures in life. 

I like that winter means it's close to Christmas. Christmas is one of the only times my whole family is home and we can spend some time together which is nice. I also love all the decorations that go up around Christmas time so winter signals a time of celebration to me.

What do you love about winter? Or is it your least favourite season?



  1. I do love winter, especially crisp bright days that aren't just grey and dreary. I love winter fashion too, it is so much nicer to bundle up and the more bobbles the better! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Any excuse to buy bobble hats is good with me :p xxx


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