The Lazy Girl's Winter Essentials

I am a self confessed lazy person. Well, I think lazy is a little strong, I do wake up at 6am or 7am most mornings for work and I do work very hard on my various projects, but I cannot deny that there is nothing I love more than chilling out doing nothing. 

Winter is the perfect time to do such lazy behaviour; it's freezing cold, I slip on the ice, and there's heating and food inside. All signs point to myself staying indoors ;) I've made up a list of all the creature comforts, everything from skincare to well being, I can't live without in the winter... how many do you love too?

I don't ask for much really. I love my comfy slipper socks. And I can't fully relax unless I'm burning some candles too. If I do have to venture outdoors, I love my beanie style black bobble hat although I do have a large selection of bobble hats so I tend to mix it up depending on what I'm wearing. I get really bad circulation in my hands so I found these bargain gloves in Primark for £1 that have special touch screen fingers meaning I don't have to take them off to answer my phone when I'm on my way to work.

Winter makes my skin much more drier (my skin is much more oily over the warmer months) so I really step up my skincare routine. Lush's Ultrabland is bar far my favourite moisturising cleanser. I love any lip balm that tastes sweet and this rather battered Nivea Lip Butter travels around with me in my hand bag. I also go through a lot more body moisturiser - loving Lush's Celebrate at the moment as it smells very citrusy and is more of a butter which I prefer.

Food wise I am a sweet tooth. I love chocolate and as it's Christmas I can eat as much as I'd like, right?! I love a nice hot drink. People think I'm weird but if I have a cold I'll go for hot squash - is that really weird!?

What are your essential winter creature comforts?



  1. Hot squash for a cold is definitely not weird - I drink the same when i'm feeling under the weather! Cosy socks are a must for cosy wintry evenings :)
    Leanne | Little Babble

    1. I'm so glad I'm not alone on the hot squash haha! xxx


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