DIY // Make your own Envelopes

What would be better this Valentine's than a hand-written note in a personalised envelope?

Whilst browsing through Pinterest I spotted some amazing galaxy print envelopes. Assuming they were on etsy or something, I followed the link and discovered the person had actually made them themselves! The best part? They are ridiculous easy to make! I'm going to share my secret to making these envelopes so you can treat your loved ones to some unique snail mail :)

What you will need:
An envelope template (these are easy to find on Google but I used this one here)
Pretty paper (I used wrapping paper but you could use pretty much anything you can think of)

Let's get started!

First of all you need to print the envelope template onto a piece of card. I strongly advise using a thick card as thin paper will make a crap template and it will get ruined as soon as you make one envelope. Card is much more sturdy. Cut it out and lay it onto the chosen paper.

Trace around the template onto your paper with a pencil. I also bent the template where the envelop will fold, so I could draw some broken lines to indicate where to fold once cut. 

Cut out your envelope. One thing I learnt while making these is that the paper you use for the envelopes also has to be decent quality. I used superhero wrapping paper from Primark which is really thin and flimsy. If you do use paper like mine, it's worth making an envelope 'lining' - just cut another plain envelope and glue it to the original one.

Next fold where you have drawn the broken lines with a ruler (not a pack of pens like I did). The envelope template will have one side with a rounded triangle which is the top/opening of the envelope, and one with a square. Place the envelope so the square side is on the bottom. Fold the two sides inward. 

Then carefully glue the edges of the square-triangle bottom and fold it over the two sides. As the glue was drying I just popped my scissors inside the envelope so there was no risk of the envelope becoming glued together.

And that's it! Such an easy tutorial, you'll never buy an envelope again!

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  1. This is such a great idea and adds even more of a personal touch to a homemade/card or gift!
    There a lot easier than I thought they would be to make too!
    I'll be making my own in future!



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