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I have always wanted business cards for my blog. They are so handy to have to hand; I often meet people who want to look at my blog and I end up having to scrawl my link on some scrap piece of receipt (which is so embarrassing). It's also a good step to take when you are wanting to step up your blogging game a little.

I've seen a few bloggers using MOO ( for their printing needs so I decided to take the plunge and order some for myself!

I was quite nervous before ordering the cards. They were a little pricey at £15.99 and I'd only seen a handful of reviews so was wary of how they would turn out but I had no need to worry! I found it really easy to design my cards on MOO and I loved that I could have a few different designs in one order. I chose five different photographs for the front and then popped all my details and contact information on the back. It makes my order much more cost effective and just generally makes my cards that bit more interesting so there isn't just one boring design for all cards. It also gave me chance to see which images work best on the cards so I can make sure I get those when I order next. I opted for the square design - I love something a bit different! You can even pick different types of card so you can get the perfect business card for your needs and budget.

The order process was simple and fast. I received my order quick too! They even came in a sturdy little black box which I love! It means I now have my own storage box for my cards which most other business card suppliers rip you off with by charging extra for. The quality of the business cards themselves is superb and I cannot fault it one bit. The type is clear and the images are great quality. I am so proud of how my business cards turned out and I will order from MOO again with no hesitation!

Do you have your own business cards? Where did you buy them from? Or do you love MOO as much as me?



  1. I got mine from Moo as well and love them! I think they are such fab quality. I love yours, I like the mix of designs and having them as a square. I think different shaped business cards are the best. I have the little mini ones which are so easy to just leave in my bag (as otherwise I seem to forget them every single event I go to!) xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I was so tempted by the mini ones too! Thinking of getting those another time :) xxx

  2. Ooh your cards look great & I love your logo!i just bought cards from vista print so was really interesting to find out what u thought about Moo!great post!:)xxx


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