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I am a little OCD with being organised. I love having a plan in action and I'm forever writing to-do lists. I can't even do my blog without a solid plan of action! When I got my iPad, my first search on the app store was 'Organisation' and now I've managed to accumulate quite a collection of apps to help my day to day organisation so I thought I'd share them with you to help you with blogging or general every day. And, best of all, they are all free to download!

Wunderlist looks complicated but is actually quite straightforward once you get the hang of it! The idea behind it is that you can build 'To Do' lists that you can share with the world or friends and family so you can collaborate on MEGA goals (like travelling the world, watching a load of films, etc...)
You can create so many cool lists (as you can see on my left sidebar). I use my 'Every Day' list as my digital to-do list. Once you've ticked it off, it clears the task off the list and tells you how many tasks have been completed. It is so satisfying!

Money Dashboard
Now I was a little apprehensive of this one as it requires a couple of bank details however after having a search around the Internet and finding a review from the BBC themselves I went ahead with this app. As the name suggests, this is a money organising app and it makes little charts of what you've been spending your money on over the month (and how much). I was pretty shocked to see most of my money going on clothes despite my travel being really expensive! I can save so much money know I now.

Hootsuite is probably my number one app for organising my blogging social media schedule. The free version of Hootsuite is fantastic; it has no limit to how many tweets or how far into the future you schedule your updates which is great if you're going away for a while. It provides link shortening options too. The dashboard is a little confusing at first, but once you're used to it it makes life so much easier as you can have many platforms on one page!

Good old Apple Reminders. Why has this basic app made my list? Well it's because it is so basic! If I'm in a hurry to write a list I can just jot it down quickly on reminders and even set a little alarm to make sure I get the job done in time. It's a great little tool that often gets ignored as it is standard with most Apply products.

Any of you lot a bit OCD with planning like me? What are your favourite organisation apps?


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