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After university, I was pretty gutted about the prospect of moving back in to my parents' house (Sorry Mom). After being independent for three years, I now had to give up everything I'd learnt and go back home to a tiny box room and I was not happy. My home town leaves a lot to be desired; it's built up, run down and just generally the total opposite of the lovely Worcestershire countryside I'd become accustomed to.

I've been home for  nine months now and I've surprisingly adjusted to life back at home quite happily. I love going on walks with my family and our dog, Widge, and our last walk particularly reminded me of why I'll always have a bit of love for my home town. I hope you enjoy these pictures and a bit of a trip down memory lane for me!

Now I am in a different time of life, i.e. no longer a student who does nothing, I'm facing many challenges that hadn't even crossed my mind. I want to be more positive in life and make sure I make time for some happy things. I am an expert at focusing on the negatives of life so this move brought a lot of sadness to me. I assumed I'd be unhappy in my tiny bedroom (I'm not) and I thought I'd lose my independence (I haven't). Although my parent's house is a little cramped for three adults, it's really not that bad and it is giving me a great chance to save up for my own place. We've all adjusted to another person in the house and there are defiantly benefits to this (like free lifts to work! woohoo!). I appreciate my parents a lot more now I've moved away then moved back in.

I grew up in a town called Walsall, which is kinda north of Birmingham. I don't see myself ever living here forever, especially now I've seen other towns, but I'll always love it deep down. The town is pretty rubbish now if I'm honest but I still like to have a little nose around when I'm bored as it brings back a lot of memories from when I was younger and my Mom used to take me and my sister up the town. These pictures are in our local arboretum which I fondly remember going to as a child and playing in the playground. I remember falling down a slide there which was rubbish but I did survive to tell the tale! Now, as you can see, my dog likes to potter around the park with us so I still go quite often.

It's nice to revisit this lovely park when I live so close to a city. It brings back so many good memories and is just a great place to remind myself to not think so negatively all the time!



  1. what a lovely town! I understand you though, I lived in a small village for a while and I must say I wasn't happy xx


  2. It looks like a lovely little town :). I live in a town called Omagh in Northern Ireland which has become quite built up over the past few years, but I honestly hate it haha I'm sure if I left I'd miss it for family purposes, but realistically I can't wait to get away from it x


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