BEAUTY // My Hair History [Part One]

A lot of my friends know me for my ever changing hair styles. I have been most colours possibly and I'm not afraid to try something new with my hair. I love the freedom of being able to switch hair styles up and, because of this, I have had many many hair styles over the years. Some looked amazing, Some.... not so amazing. I've put together a collection of my hair styles over the year so you can see what crazy things 've done with my hair! This is part one of this Hair History series as I have had so many changes, but I promise it's worth the read to see all my awkward and embarrassing selfies over the years!

My natural colour is a super dark brown, almost black. Lots of people are surprised when I tell them this because it's quite light now (well, it's red but you get what I mean) and it's been ages since I've had dark hair. I was always very resistant to dying my hair - I swore I'd never do it. I found coloured hair extensions and stuck to those for years.

I think I first managed to persuade my Mom to let me dye my hair at about 15 years old. I decided I wanted one of those box dyes that were for coloured highlights and I opted for fluro pink. I had a bob cut so it was short, brown and pink stripes. I actually sectioned my hair, so it did blend in ok!

I got bored of this quickly and let the pink fade out leaving blonde chunks in the underneath of my hair. It looked Ok, needed little management and my Mom was happier like this than when it was pink. I hated my bob so I spent ages growing it out and experimenting with full fringes. Also, it looked like I liked matching my eyeshadow with my green school blazer. I was cool like that.

When I got to Sixth form, so about a year or two after the pink stripes, I missed my colourful hair. I somehow managed to convince my Mom that not only did I need colourful hair but I needed it doing at the hair dresser. I went for a pink/purple bottom layer and left my top natural brown. It looked awesome and it was the first time I loved how my hair looked. I kept this style for years! 

Again, I got a bit fed up but instead of thinking about what I was doing I just threw a load of black hair dye on my hair. I think the decision was based off of my obsession for Katy Perry at the time. It kinda suited me and looked Ok, but it was so dark I couldn't do anything with it.

I found a new hair dresser and she managed to put copper highlights in my hair and gently lifted more colour each time I went. It went blonde and brown. Very stripey highlights but I wanted lighter hair so badly I just let any colour wash out rather than top it up.

But of course I wasn't happy with what my qualified, experienced hair dresser had done so I went ahead and dyed it black and red. Yup. After all that time getting the colour out, I dyed it black just before heading off to uni. Red was a nightmare to keep red. Black loved being black. Oh the joys of box dyes...

Join me next time for part two of my hair history where it all goes a bit crazy and weird. Most of my hair regrets haven't happened yet and will all be revealed in part two ;)

Becky xo

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