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I have never been one to spend a lot of money on mobile phones. When all my friends have had the latest iphone, I've usually had a reasonably priced smart phone that didn't do very much. And, to top it all off, they usually broke after a year of using them so I was left with a pretty useless phone.

This year I took the plunge and spent a big wedge of cash on a new mobile phone - the HTC Desire Eye. I've had HTC phones before but not for a while and this phone is worth as much as the iPhone so I had high expectations!

My main problem with my previous phone was that it had gotten so slow that it took at least five minutes for me to attempt to call anyone - this isn't great if you're in a rush or, even worse, an emergency. I think this was down to me having and using lots of apps, taking a load of photographs and the phone itself having very little internal memory. I went for the HTC Desire Eye mainly because it boasted of impressive photography skills but other than that I couldn't find much information about it!

I love the design of the phone itself. It's lightweight and has a huge touch screen. My phone is blue which I like because it means it stands out a bit from every other phone (yep - I am that shallow). I like the lock screen and the ease of being able to open various apps from it with simple taps and flicks of the screen. Main problem with the big screen is that this phone is HUGE. A lot of people have made a joke of the size of my phone saying it is  more of a tablet than a phone and I can see where they are coming from. It barely fits in my hand and I'm always scared I'll drop it!

Photograph wise this phone is fantastic. The front camera boasts a huge wide angle lens and you can fit loads into your pictures. I can fit the whole of my bedroom in it when doing a selfie, it's that wide. This is great for group photos in particular - no more awkward squeezing in gaps so you're all on the picture! Both front and rear cameras have a 13 mega pixel camera which is good, and both have a flash (My old phone didn't have a flash at all so this amazes me!).  I took all my pictures on my recent North Wales blog post on my phone and they turned out amazing!

There are loads of editing options for the camera - I think my favourite is the face fusion one where you can blend two faces together which is the creepiest thing I've ever seen. My one little criticism is, and it might be my fault, that all the photos come out really vibrant colours. Not in a good way either as they look almost neon. You can see in the picture of me and Nick my lipstick is distracting and his tie is practically glowing. And this is also a perfect example of when I ask Nick to take a nice picture, he always ruins it! Haha!

I have had loads of fun downloading apps that my old phone couldn't cope with. HTC are android phones so use Google Play store which I don't mind as it has all the apps I want. The phone has a good internal memory and you can add a memory card so I'll never clog up my phone like before!

Overall I love my new phone and I'm so glad I spent a bit more on a decent phone. I can highly recommend the HTC Desire Eye and I'm glad I went for this one over the iPhone!

Becky xo

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