BEAUTY // Steam Cream: Worth the hype?

A while back, I spotted a tin of Steam Cream that had cute little cats all over the lid and I knew I had to buy it. A bit superficial and shallow, I know, but the tin was lovely and I'd wanted to try Steam Cream for a while.

I've read so many amazing reviews of the stuff and heard it's one of the best face creams on the market but the skincare addict in me said that there was no way a cream could be that special. In fact, I was convinced that people, like me, were just suckered in by a cute tin and were actually receiving an average pot of face cream.
So, what is Steam Cream and why is it so special? Steam Cream is made up of natural ingredients that are fused together with a shot of steam, according to their website. It's all handmade in the UK and Japan and it comes in a little tin that you can reuse. Not only is it for the face, it can be used on hands and body as well.

When I opened the cream, it really reminded me of the Lush face moisturisers. I work at Lush so I know these well and I do believe that Lush product inventors had something to do with the creation and production of Steam Cream (I'm sorry I didn't so my research like a good blogger!). The cream itself smells strongly like lavender to me. After an ingredients check, I saw that it does contain lavender oils, chamomile oils and almond oils alongside many other essential oils. It also has cocoa butter in. Overall, the ingredients shows that this is pretty much a cream for all skin types - even sensitive skins as it's mainly soothing lavender and oatmeal infusion.

The cream itself is quite rich and thick. It's very moisturising but does sink in. I find for my skin, a little goes a long way and it does keep my skin nice and soft for the whole day. If I use too much cream it does leave my skin feeling a bit sticky and oily. It's not ideal for under make up for myself as I have combination skin so the creams a little too moisturising in some places, taking longer to sink into the skin. I have to remember to apply this early before my make up so I give it chance to sink in.

It is quite a treat to use on your face at night - I'm more liberal with my application and I wake up with super soft skin that is a bit less red. I had a bit of a breakout and even this looked less red and angry after using Steam Cream over night.

I'm pretty pleased with my Steam Cream experience. The texture of the cream isn't perfect for my skin but I can appreciate why this is a life-saving cream for some people. It's so rich and nourishing on the skin and it does wonders on soothing mine. I won't be repurchasing in a hurry but I do like Steam Cream and it's not something I'd never consider buying again - I'm just waiting on a new collection of tin designs ;)

Becky xo

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