BEAUTY // Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit*

It has only been recently that I've really started doing anything major with my eyebrows. To be honest, they scare me a bit... one small error and you look awful! So far I've stuck to occasional tweezing and this last year or so I've been filling them out properly with a brow kit. I'm always on the lookout for a nice, affordable brow kit that will do the job right so the Beautiful Brow Kit from Kiss looked great for myself.

Brow kits = another beauty item that scares the crap out of me. Why do you need wax?! Why are there so many brow shades?! Why are none of them the same as my eyebrows?! Well, it's no where near as scary as it looks and if I can do it then anyone can. Kiss have even given you step by step instructions on how to achieve the perfect brow with this kit.

I like that this brow kit comes with lots of tools. Not only do you get your brow powder and wax quad, but you get eyebrow stencils to make sure your brows are the exact shape you want them. There are four shapes: Natural, Dramatic, Delicate, and Sexy. They are all quite natural looking which is good but have enough variety in them you can get the shape you're after.

Not only do you get the stencils, but you also get a tiny tiny razor. Yup. Now, I was pretty horrified when I first saw this because my general rule is get someone else, someone who is trained, to shape your eyebrows for you (we've all seen the disasters that happen when you tweeze your own brows) so I wanted to avoid this razor at all costs. It is there to get rid of any hairs that are outside of the desired shape and to be honest I'd avoid using heavily if you're not an experienced brow shaper. Reason being is that this baby is sharp AF and you will shave your entire brow off if you're not careful. Having said that, it is super handy to get rid of that awkwardly thin hair that is too fine to tweeze so it is a useful tool.

The brow quad itself is good quality for the price you pay. The powders seem more of a natural shade than other brow powders I have seen. Even though there were only two shades, I didn't struggle to get the right shade for my brows which is something I usually have a problem with in other kits I've used. The wax, which is used to tame any stray hairs and 'set' the powder, is very soft and you can go a little overboard with it. A little bit of product goes a long way in this case - it's a great wax so don't over do it! It kept my hairs in place all day long though so it got a thumbs up from me. The highlight isn't very pigmented but it's nice enough and you can notice it's on. The little brush and sponge applicator is awful - use make up brushes if you've got them!

I apologise that I haven't had my brows waxed in a while, they are a *bit* of a mess, but I wanted to include this before and after photo. They look pretty good to me and aren't glaringly obvious that I've filled them in. Great stuff!

I'm super impressed with the Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit. Not only is it easy to use, but your brows stay filled in all day long and look natural. It's a nice touch that you get every tool you need to get the perfect brow and they've not just sold you some brow powders and left you to get on with it. It makes a difference to those of us who get brow shaping nerves! I'm glad I tried this palette and I would repurchase - I think I'll stay away from the razor though and leave the hair removal to the experts ;)

Becky xo

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*Disclaimer: I was sent this product as a sample to review. All views are my completely own and not influenced or sponsored.*

BOOKS // what to read on Blloon

Blloon is a rather wonderful digital book app that I have raved about over and over again so you've probably guessed that I do adore this app. As a huge book addict, I love the selection that Blloon offers but it can be a little overwhelming so I put together a list of some of my favourite books that are ready and waiting for you on the Blloon app.

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart
This is such a fantastic novella that is perfect for the fans of Young Adult fiction. We Were Liars tells the story of a young girl and the mystery that surrounds the vacation homes her family owns, and how this is connected to her health. It's full of mystery and suspense, plus it has the biggest shocker of a twist at the end. I laughed and I cried reading this - most of the characters are relatable too so you feel as if you know them as soon as you start reading. A wonderful book, perfect to get you started on Blloon.

The Buried Giant - Kazuo Ishiguro
I haven't read The Buried Giant yet but I have read fantastic reviews on the title and I have loved all of the previous works by Ishiguro that I've read. The book is about Axl and Beatrice who are making a journey across Britain to try and find their son. The book explores the relationship between Axl and Beatrice, and the struggles they face whilst crossing the wild landscape. This is next on my reading list so keep and eye out for a full review soon!

I read this book last year after being intrigued by reviews I'd seen on it. I didn't really know what to expect but a friend of mine told me that this book would be right up my street so I had to give it a read.  The book covers a lot of morality issues as it explores the effect two scientist parents have on their children after what turns out to be an experiment on them. I won't say anymore as it is one of those books you have to read yourself and I couldn't ruin the twist, but if you're after something heart-wrenching and will make you question things, this is the one for you.

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
An old classic, The Great Gatsby should be a must-read for everyone!  A book of parties, mystery, romance and more parties, this book is a perfect read as it has something for everyone. Although the first chapter is a little wordy (by a little I mean it's quite hard to read haha) the rest of the book is straightforward to follow and worth the ride! You will be transported straight to the 1920s.

Hopefully these titles will whet your appetite for some serious reading! You can sign up for the Blloon app by clicking here. Enjoy your reading! :)

Becky xo

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BEAUTY // imPress Accent Press-on Manicure*

Painting my nails has become the bane of my life. Working in a shop where my hands are constantly dipping into water bowls and pots of cream, my nail colours chip like there is no tomorrow and they look awful by the end of the day. So when I saw that imPress had launched the new Accent Press-on manicure I knew I had to try them out and see if they were the miracle nails I'd been looking for!

imPress Press-on Manicure does what it says on the tin - it's a hassle free way of applying false nails as they are pre glued meaning you have one less job to do and save loads of time from not doing it! These new manicure sets include a few nails that are 'accented' so you get a more fashionable edge to your manicure. It's really nice to get patterned nails because I cannot do nail art for toffee so this is a cheat way to do it :)

This gorgeous set is called Bells & Whistles and is a mint green with the accent nail being a kinda fair isle meets Aztec style print. I love that they are colourful without being too garish. I always paint my nails in bright colours for work because we have to wear black and white with any accessories therefore my nails are always bright. The nails themselves are very high quality and are described as 'ultra gel shine'. They do in fact have the exact same shine as gel nails which is perfect if you re after a temporary gel nail effect rather than committing to a full set of gels.

I have tried the imPress Press-on manicures before and I love how easy they are to apply - all you do is peel off the backing and press firmly to the natural nail.I always leave mine to 'set' for about half an hour; this means I avoid water or anything that is too strenuous on the nails such as typing or filing them... basically anything that would ruin a normal manicure half an hour after you'd had it done! You do have to file these a bit because the tops are always uneven and I'm guessing this is just how they are made because I've had it with every set of impress nails I've had. It's not a bad thing - they just look a bit more natural and neat once you file the tops and imPress supply a tiny little file that works a treat.

I've been wearing these for almost 5 days and I am glad to say that the nails wear really well. They are comfortable and a bit flexible so you can go about every day life without worrying your nail will snap off mid-car door opening. One thing I will say about the flexibility is that whilst they are great for anti-snapping, sometimes the ends bend a bit and curl at the edges. This tends to be more towards the end of their wearing-life (I'd say I really noticed it about after about 4 days of wear) so just be careful. They are a nice, short length too so they don't get in the way of texting, typing, eating,... all the important things ;) Also, they actually last! They survived underwater which is a relief at my job and means I can have nice nails for work sometimes.

I'm wearing them as I'm writing this review so I can't really comment on how these particular nails are to remove however previous sets from imPress have been really simple to take off - I'm pretty sure I just wiggled them off and they left no damage at all. It does say if you can't get them off that way, you can use a bit of nail polish remover to loosen the glue. I love wearing the imPress nails and I won't hesitate to buy another pack of these. They are perfect for my lifestyle when I need a quick manicure that lasts at work and I can easily take off once bored. Thank you imPress!

Becky xo

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*Disclaimer: I was sent this product as a sample to review. All views are my completely own and not influenced or sponsored.*

LIFE // LUSH Factory Tour

I was lucky enough to get the chance to head down to Poole, the home town of LUSH cosmetics, with a couple of the girls from work to have a factory tour and see where all the Lush magic is made!


BOOKS // Millie Marotta's 'Animal Kingdom'

Have you tried Adult Colouring Books? I've seen so much hype for the Adult Colouring book craze and I was curious to try it for myself, so I bought the rather beautiful looking Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom to try out for myself. 

I have anxiety and this often means I have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. I wanted to try the colouring book as something to distract myself when my anxiety is at its worst and hopefully achieve a good nights sleep.

BEAUTY // LUSH Poole/Oxford Street Haul

There has been so much excitement over the new and exclusive Lush Oxford Street products and trips to the shop have become almost a new pilgrimage to us Lush addicts! When Lush Poole announced they were stocking up on some of the exclusive products on social media, Lush fans rejoiced as there was hope that all favourite local Lush would soon be stocking up on some of the Oxford Street goodies.

As a Lush employee, I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to Poole recently and take a tour around the Lush factory (which is honestly like Willy Wonka's factory but for soaps - there is a vlog coming soon!) and pop to the very first Lush shop on Poole high street! I tried to resist spending but with all the Oxford Street goodies I couldn't resist treating myself! Here's what I got...

TECH // Apple VS Android: Which is better for bloggers?!

If you're buying a piece of tech any time soon, you will probably be wondering this: Is Apple or Android better? Recently, I decided it was time to update my ancient mobile phone and treat myself to something new. I wasn't really sure about which kind of phone I wanted, so I went and asked my friends and family what they thought and the answers were a mix of everything.

They were either faithful to Apple products or die-hard Android fans. How on Earth could I pick between either?! Well, now I own an Android powered phone and an Apple iPad, I decided to let you know my opinions on both products and decide which is the better one!

BOOKS // My Favourite Books

I am a huge book worm. When people learn my obsession with reading, I am always asked "What are your favourite books?" or "What books can you recommend?" and I often struggle to answer because there are so many!

I love reading blog posts about people's favourite books so I have put together my own list of favourites to share with you. Hopefully you will find your next book for your reading wish list!

LIFESTYLE // ABC of Travel

Travel to me is so important. The world is a huge place and it fascinates me how many places there are and things to see! I've been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling when I was younger so I've put together my own ABC of Travel and maybe recommend some places to go and see for yourself!


BEAUTY // Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick*

My skin is a nightmare. If you've read any of my previous skincare related posts, you will know I have lots of problems with my skin. Random break ups are probably my number one skincare problem so I'm always on the lookout for a new blemish stick to help my face!

Australian Bodycare is a brand I'd not heard of but when I was asked if I'd like to try out their Blemish stick I thought I'd give it a go! The main ingredient is Tea Tree oil which is antibacterial so great to help fight those pesky spots and blemishes.

LIFESTYLE // Creative Writing Tips

As a literature graduate, I know a thing or two about Creative Writing. Sometimes it can be really hard! The thing that makes it hard is whenever we sit down to write something, our brains go blank. Whether you are a blogger looking for new post inspiration or a writer who has a bad case of writer's block, these creative writing tips will help you jump start your brain into writing creatively!

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