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Travel to me is so important. The world is a huge place and it fascinates me how many places there are and things to see! I've been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling when I was younger so I've put together my own ABC of Travel and maybe recommend some places to go and see for yourself!

A // Age you went on your first international trip?
Honestly, I can't remember. When I was little, my Dad worked abroad a lot so we often went on holiday where he had been. I also went to France a lot when I was little. I'm going to guess around 4 or 5 years old for my first international trip.

B // Best foreign beer you’ve had and where?
I never drink beer so can't answer this one haha! 
C // Cuisine. Favourite?
Hands down Italian. I love Italian food and I'll always pick it over every other food in the world. It's so good and anywhere that advocates unlimited cheese is my kind of diet.
D // Destinations. Favourite and least favourite? Why?
My favourite place is probably New York City because it blew my mind when I went the first time as the buildings were so huge. Everything seems double the size and I just fell in love with the city
My least favourite was probably Spain. My sister and I begged my Mom to book this converted cave to stay in for the holiday which was cool but it was really dark (no windows in a cave!) and the place we were was a bit eerie too.

E // Event you’ve experienced abroad that made you say “WOW!”?
I went on an evening boat cruise around New York city one summer and it was beautiful watching the sun go down across the skyline.

F // Favourite mode of transportation?
Walking! I love a good walk around to explore places. If I had to chose a long distance one, I'd go for a plane purely for the comfort factor.

G // Greatest feeling while travelling?
The excitement of not knowing what's around the corner!
H // Hottest place you’ve ever travelled to?
Hong Kong. It was hot and humid but it was fine once  you got used to it! 
I // Incredible service you’ve experienced and where?
When we were in Italy, we'd go for evening walks after food. We always ended up in this place that made ice creams and they used to sculpt the ice creams into flowers and shapes! It was amazing and they staff always took time to make them perfect for us - plus they tasted amazing!
J // Journey that took the longest?
Hong Kong again! I'm sure it was a 14 hour fight! 
K // Keepsake from your travels? 
I'm a big fan of photograph albums so I'm always snapping away when I'm on holiday. I love collecting photos and looking at them over the years.
L // Let-down sight. Where and why?
The Leaning Tower of Pisa - it was really small! I expected it to be huge!
M // Moment where you fell in love with travelling?
I can't pinpoint an exact moment but I always get this excitement bubble inside me when I look out of the plane window when landing in a new country. Nothing beats that feeling of stepping on land you've never been before!
N // Nicest hotel you’ve ever stayed in?
I've never stayed in a particularly memorable hotel. This is mainly because of the budget and the fact that I like to go out and about and spend as little time in the hotel as possible. Now I'm booking my own holidays, I'll probably treat myself to a fancier hotel to stay in!
O // Obsession. What are you obsessed with taking photos of while travelling?
I am photo obsessed as I mentioned just but I think I mostly take photos of other people. I find that photographs with people in are so much more interesting that just plain settings. I do try and get photos of views and scenery too so I always keep the memories. 
P // Passport stamps. How many and from where?
In total I think I have about 4 to Italy, Spain, Hong Kong and America twice but  my current passport only has one stamp as it's quite new!
Q // Quirkiest attraction you’ve visited and where?
In New York, my friend managed to convince me to go on one of those bike tour things where a guy drives you on the back of a bike around Central Park. I was pretty grumpy about this as I thought it was a waste of money but I'm glad she persisted as it turned out to be a right laugh!
R // Really frightening. One place you’ve visited where you felt unsafe or uneasy?
I'm pretty happy to say I can't think of once place I've felt unsafe whilst I've been abroad. Possibly the first day alone in New York city was a bit scary but I stayed safe and made friends with the hostel staff so they always knew where I was.
S // Splurge. Something you have no problem spending money on while travelling?
Transport. I am a sucker for wanting to go and see EVERYTHING in every place so I end up spending a load of things I don't need to as I don't understand the transport links! Even in London I always buy a ticket that covers too many zones when I'm only travelling in a couple!
As more of a nice splurge, I like buying little gifts and souvenirs from places I've been. The tackier, the better!
T // Touristy thing you’ve done?
I've been to most of the popular tourist destinations in New York and I've been on a couple of those open top bus city tours before! 
U // Unforgettable travel memory?
I have way too many! A nice one was actually at the end of some travelling I did. It was the first time I'd gone abroad alone to work at a summer camp. On the journey home, I had to sit with a family who were all cuddled up watching films together on the plane. I felt so homesick and alone but there was nothing I could do (I was tempted to cuddle up with them but I'd probably have been arrested). Once I got back I wheeled my suitcase through the airport and couldn't see my Dad anywhere so I felt a bit sad that everyone else had someone there. All of a sudden, he appeared and said he was getting me a cup of tea from the coffee shop and I was so happy because I hadn't had proper tea in months haha!
V // Visas. How many and for where?
 I have just one visa I think and that was for working in America over the summer.
W // Wine. Best glass while travelling?
I only drink Rose wine and I've never really had chance to try different wines while I've been away travelling :-( 
X // eXcellent view and where from?
I have a couple. Either the view from The Rockerfeller building or Empire State building both in New York City or, a little loser to home, anywhere on top of a mountain in North Wales. The views are spectacular and you can't believe how close to home they are (well, for me anyway)!
Y // Years spent travelling?
Ooooh this is hard because I've been travelling abroad since I was about 4 or 5, so that would be 18ish years BUT it's not been continuous so I guess it doesn't count haha!
Z // Zealous sports fans and where?
America. Everywhere I went there were sports jerseys worn and people would always ask which soccer team I supported when they heard my accent!

I hope you've enjoyed my little travel ABC, you can see that some holidays stuck in my mind more than others! If you have any questions about where I've been before feel free to contact me and ask away! I can recommend loads of places around the world :)

Becky xo

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  1. In this world many peoples have many different hobbies and the traveling is good hobby and you travel with your family that is good for you I wish you will travel different countries with you loving family.


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