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As a literature graduate, I know a thing or two about Creative Writing. Sometimes it can be really hard! The thing that makes it hard is whenever we sit down to write something, our brains go blank. Whether you are a blogger looking for new post inspiration or a writer who has a bad case of writer's block, these creative writing tips will help you jump start your brain into writing creatively!

Read the papers
Newspapers and magazines are full of articles and news reports. These can be great inspiration for writing; you can re-write an account of the event from different perspectives, or just use a single event as the base for a different story entirely. You can read all sorts of things in papers, from breaking world news to celebrity happenings and  there are a lot of papers that come out daily so you will never be stuck for inspiration.

Take a walk
Step outside with your phone and take a walk. It can be long or short, a route you know well or perhaps a place you've not been before. Every so often stop and note down everything you can see, whether it be in a notebook or just on your phone. I do this a lot to help me write descriptions of places in my stories. You'd be surprised at what details you can pick out when you are forced to look for them as you don't stop to look at them usually. There are flowers in cracks of pavements, trees breaking through walls, strange pieces of litter that have travelled for miles.

Keep a diary and write every day
This one seems a it obvious but writing every single day is key to having success in writing. I write every day by keeping a little diary. It doesn't have to be really detailed every day but the more personal details the better. Write your emotions. Write about little things that are bothering you. It's likely you'll forget lots of these in the future so by writing them all down you have a personal bank of descriptions and event inspiration right at your fingertips! A diary is quite therapeutic too :)

Open a word processor, and write ANYTHING
This one sounds odd but one thing that always halts my writing is I'm so conscious of what my first sentence will be. If you cant write a first sentence, you cant start writing anything! So to avoid this I open up a blank Word document and type about anything and everything that pops in my head. It's probably going to be a load of rubbish but it's there to be deleted and it helps you gain focus on the stuff you actually want to write as all the rubbish in your brain has been eliminated on to this blank page.

Of course creative writing is different for everyone. If you have any tips for creative writing, then pop them in the comments below :)

Becky xo

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  1. I love this post! I study creative writing at uni and these are all really good ideas for writer's block, I love the newspaper one :) xx


    1. I did creative writing too as part of my degree - the newspaper one saved me so many times haha! xx


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