Jam Jar Lamp from JamJar Lights

My friends know me really well - especially when it comes to my tastes and styles in the home. When they surprised me with this beautiful Jam Jar lamp from Jam Jar Lights I was thrilled!

JamJar Lights in an independent Birmingham based company who specialise in making handmade, customisable yet affordable lighting and home ware. What I adore about the items sold by JamJar Lights is that they all have that warehouse/industrial feeling to them whilst still being easily incorporated into modern decor. Basically, I am obsessed with these lights.

My lamp is like a table/bed side lamp and it's the signature lamp from JamJar Lights. The glass jar is a high quality Kilner jar with a blue cable. After a quick peek on the website, I think I have the 'Royal Blue' cable which is a gorgeous bright, bold blue and really sets off the unique look of the lamp. The lamp included a bulb which is great and it even came with a tiny pot of jam! How cute and thoughtful is that?! I love that little personal touch - it makes you appreciate the item more, right? I love that the cables can be customised to pretty much any colour you choose (I obviously didn't choose mine because it was a gift but I have no idea how I would choose between the amazing colour range they stock). You can also buy them with a light switch on the cable which is handy.

The lamp is perfect on my table next to my desk. When I move out of my parents house, it will have it's home upgraded to my bedside table lamp. Maybe even the living room lamp - it's such a beautiful item I want everyone to see it and ask where I got my fancy lamp from! I will 100% be buying more from JamJar Lights and I highly recommend having a quick nose around their website and picking up some fantastic lights for yourself!

Becky xo

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*I was gifted this item by a friend. No influence on the review whatsoever, just my honest opinions as always*

LUSH Cosmetics H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Moisturiser review

We cause a lot of damage to our own hair. I know that I personally blow dry, heat style, tie-up in messy buns, and over brush my knotty, dry hair constantly so anything that will help moisturise and strengthen my hair is great for me. H'Suan Wen Hua hair moisturiser from LUSH promises to do just that; nourish, strengthen and restore the hair.

H'Suan Wen Hua is a light hair moisturiser that you use like a hair mask. Apply it with you hands, leave for 20 minutes then shampoo and condition as normal. Lush suggest using a generous amount so I slapped half the pot of product on my hair so it was saturated with the stuff. It's really easy to apply to your hair and is thick but lightweight so it stays in your hair and you don't drip hair mask everywhere (although I'd advise using a towel around your shoulders anyway).

What makes H'Suan Wen Hua work? It's full of free range eggs which sounds gross but eggs have lots of protein in which is great for hair restoration and strengthening. It also has banana and avocado because both of these are oil rich so are quite nourishing for your hair. Overall, this mask is just a good all-round treat for anyones hair.

After I left my mask on for 25 minutes, I went and washed it out. It washed out really easily despite it being quite oily. My hair afterwards felt much and more manageable. I was getting ready to go to a wedding when I used this and my hair looks noticeable more shiny in pictures too and it just looks like you could touch it as it looks so soft and bouncy (which it was!). My scalp was much less dry too which was good because I have such a sensitive and dry scalp! Despite this, I wasn't all that blown away by this mask. It did make a difference but my hair is so damaged from heat and chemicals that I think this is a mask that I'd have to keep using every four weeks to maintain the effects.

H'Suan Wen Hua is lovely product for making your hair softer and moisturised but one you may have to use a few times if you have super damaged hair like mine.

Becky xo

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The Non-Tacky(?) Geeky Homeware Wishlist

Hi, my name's Becky and I secretly love filling my house with geek-themed home ware.

Now I can't lie, some of the geek related home stuff I see is hideously tacky but there are some things I just can't help but like. Well, when I say some, I mean quite a lot! So here's my run down of things I'd love to own in my future house that may or may not be really geeky/tacky.

L- R order: 

Marvel Comics Spider-Man Canvas (£17.99, Truffle Shuffle)
I think the key to incorporating geek-related items into the home is keeping them 'classy' and having too much of it. I love this Spider-Man print canvas; it looks cool, it's not too comic-book looking and would look perfect in any room on a plain white wall.

Death Star Mood Light (19.99, Firebox)
How cute is this Death Star mood light?! I guess cute and Death Star don't usually go together but I love the idea of having a tiny spacecraft lighting up my bedside table. It's not too weird looking either so non-geeky friends wonder why on Earth you have spaceships as your choice of lighting ;-)

R2D2 Projection Clock (£19.99, The Gift & Gadget Store)
 I still have a retro R2D2 alarm clock somewhere in the loft and I adore it! I think it might have been my sister's that I stole actually. Anyway, I love R2 as he is one of my favourite Star Wars characters. This R2 is practical and looks smart too with it's time projection feature; the perfect alarm clock for Star Wars lovers.

Star Theatre Planetarium (£109.99, Firebox)
 I have always wanted one of these Star Theatres. I love star gazing so much so the fact I could bring it indoors makes me super happy. It's not quite the same as real-life star gazing but it still looks beautiful projecting constellations on your ceiling and provides a gorgeous night-time glow just before bedtime.

Lord of the Rings Drinking Jar (£14.00, Dark Wood Jar Company)
How amazing is this jar?! Drinking cocktails out of a jar is pretty hipster-cool anyway but a Lord of the Rings quote on the jar too?! Ultimate level of cool. That aside I really like the quote on this jar and I think it would look quite nice as a home decoration if you didn't fancy drinking out of it - maybe a cute pencil holder or something? There are loads of uses for this as it's so stylish.

Which of these geeky home items would you like for you own place? I think I'm pretty smitten with the R2D2 clock and the LOTR Drinking Jar!

Becky xo

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imPress Press-on Nails in 'Swept Away'

Remember last month  I did a review on the imPress Press-on nails in Bells & Whistles? Well I'm using them again but this time I've used the set called 'Swept Away'.

In my opinion, imPress Press-Ons are the easiest manicure press on nails available on the high street. They are pre-glued so all you need to do is measure them up against your own nails, peel off the tab and stick them on. They advise you hold off doing anything too strenuous on the nails for half an hour so the glue can 'set' I also advise doing the thumb nails last - you don't realise how much you need your thumbs when applying false nails haha!

Swept Away features some sophisticated pearl meets nude nails with six glittery accent nails. This set is perfect for any occasion you want something special but not over the top - I wore mine to a friends wedding and they were perfect for the occasion. They kinda remind me of princess nails.

Again, like I said in my last review, these nails are ridiculously easy to apply. I was worried because I had to apply them 20 minutes before leaving the house and I thought that the pre-glued tabs wouldn't 'set' properly but they were perfectly fine. In fact, I really struggled to remove the imPress Press-ons a week after they had all been on - one had dropped off but the others would not budge despite me working with my hands constantly in water! These nails are the definition of waterproof! In the end I soaked them off with some nail polish remover to loosen the glue which worked fine and did no damage to my real nails.

I have to say I'm so glad I got the chance to try these imPress nails out. It's not very often you find a product you can genuinely rave about. I can hand on my heart say these are my favourite false nails as I just can't get over how brilliantly well they last on the nails, even when I'm working all week at Lush. I will be stocking up on more as soon as pay day comes along!

Becky xo

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*Disclaimer: I was sent this product as a sample to review. All views are my completely own and not influenced externally*

BOOKS // 'Ready, Set, Novel!' by Tavia Stewart-Streit, Chris Baty and Lindsey Grant

When I was at Uni., I did a few modules to study creative writing. Now, you can't really teach someone to be a creative writer but you can teach them how to write and different ways to prompt your brain into writing. This is exactly what Ready, Set, Novel! by Tavia Stewart-Streit, Chris Baty and Lindsey Grant does, so naturally I picked up a copy to review and see if it would help spur on my writing post-university!

The idea behind Ready, Set, Novel! is that it helps you create a detailed plan for a plot and characters of a novel. It does this through brainstorms, Q&A, and little writing exercises deigned to really get to know your new characters and write about the world they live in. It's a nifty tool for those who are a bit stuck on where to begin writing novels.

What I like about this book is that it tackles any kind of procrastination head on. Each task is done in baby steps so you can't get lost or distracted along the way which is ideal for someone like me who tends to give up easily. The tasks can be completed in your own time and you don't have to do them in chronological order which is nice as if one leaves you really stumped you can just flip the page and start a different one. I found the tasks relatively easy but all worthwhile - it does a good job of helping you create the back bone for a novel or story you've always known you had in you but weren't sure how to write it down. It's quite a quirky read too and a light-hearted narrative. I say narrative, it's more like you're chatting with an old friend rather than reading a book. I especially enjoyed the colouring in pages at the back of famous authors!

Ready, Set, Novel! is perfect for book lovers and writers, whether you're seriously trying to pen your next novel or just writing for a bit of fun, and will provide hours of entertainment and hundreds of ways to kick-start your brain into creativity.

Becky xo

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LIFESTYLE // Wedding Guest OOTD

This is a bit of an unusual post for me as I never ever do outfit posts, and my blog is nothing to do with fashion let's be honest, but I was so pleased with my outfit and getting the chance to properly dress up that I thought I'd share it with you! This weekend I attended a friend's wedding as Nick's plus one. Nick was an usher so I felt it gave me more of an excuse to dress myself up. It also explains why I've been so quiet the last few days as I've been busy enjoying weddings ;)

So here is my bargain outfit. And when I say bargain, I mean a total steal. Only working in a shop, trying to save for a house and trying to save for a car takes its toll on my bank account and I was worried I wouldn't be able to afford anything nice to wear for the wedding *cue tiny violin* but this lovely peachy coloured dress caught my eye in New Look and it was in the sale! I never ever wear anything fitted but this dress was quite flattering for my body shape so I think it was fate that this happened to be on the clothes rack when it was - I've tried spotting it in other stores and I can't see it anywhere!

Bargain shoes were brought to you courtesy of Selfridges. And when I say Selfridges, I mean the Primark concession at Selfridges haha! I was a bit shocked to see these shoes in Primark to be fair... I'm not really a huge fan of their shoe ranges but these white, high-heeled sandals were perfect for my outfit and they were really comfortable for most of the day. In fact I managed to keep them on all day, 12pm - 11pm, and it was only in the last hour or so they began to hurt.

Finally, my beaded clutch bag was from New Look again. This was the most expensive thing I wore on the day haha! I was worried it would be too busy with my dress but it looked nice on the day and it made up for the fact I'd forgotten to buy any jewellery to go with my outfit!

What do you think of my bargain outfit then?! I'm pretty chuffed if I say so myself. It's so much fun to dress up for such a beautiful occasion as a wedding :)

Becky xo

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BEAUTY// Stila Glamoureyes Mascara

Finding a mascara that works for me has become a rather daunting task. They either offer no volume or lift, which my lashes need, or I'm allergic to them. I spotted the Stila Glamoureyes Mascara at my local branch of M&S while out shopping with a friend and got it on a bit of an impulse buy.

*swatches to follow - my first pictures were bad quality so currently re-doing them*

I'd never tried any products from Stila before but had heard great things so was curious to see how this mascara would work for me. I usually go for a mascara that will give me length and volume, with the latter being a touch more important to my virtually flat lashes. Glamoureyes is supposed to lengthen, volumise and curl lashes while keeping them nice and soft at the same time.

I have to say - I instantly fell in love with this mascara after the first application. The brush itself is quite unusual - the product looks like it is in clumps on the bristles but I think that is due to the bristles being different lengths to fluff up your eye lashes and give them some volume. It glides on lashes flawlessly and is almost impossible to clump up, even if you apply a second coat. The formula easily coats the lashes and it is a deep enough black without looking too unnatural. I use two layers to get the curl and volume I like best for everyday.

It's not waterproof but it lasts me all day and it's easy to take off at the end of the day which I like. There is nothing worse than having to scrape mascara off your lashes! I think I've finally found my perfect, every day mascara. It's a touch more pricier than your average high street mascara but it's cruelty free and it works amazingly well so I will be sticking to this one! Thanks Stila!

Becky xo

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BOOKS // 'Reasons to Stay Alive' by Matt Haig

I'm really not one to read a non-fiction book. In fact, I'll avoid them where possible but the title of Matt Haig's Reasons To Stay Alive grabbed me instantly and I knew I had to read it. 

I had previously heard amazing reviews on Reasons to Stay Alive so I knew, before I'd even read the first page, that it was going to be a gripping read. Reasons to Stay Alive is the story of it's author Matt Haig and his battle to overcome depression and severe anxiety. Mental Health awareness is something that has been on everyone's radar in the last few years and I think it's a big problem in our modern society - it's an issue that most of us have to face daily, whether we are struggling with MH problems ourselves or trying to understand and support someone who has them. This book is an honest and up-front account of what it really is like to be a young person who is done with life.

One of the main reasons I hadn't read this book is because I was convinced it would be a patronising, self-help book that I have read in the past and found no help in them. I was completely wrong. This book isn't a self-help book, it's more of a guide and example of how someone else has felt like this before and now they are in a better place. It shows there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes this book is uncomfortable to read. Not in a bad way though, it is just written straight from the heart and is quite blunt at times in regards to how Haig actually felt at various stages of his depression. It's quite hard-hitting as I personally could relate to lots of the things he had said. What makes this book worth the read is that, despite the tough reading matter, it's humorous and optimistic. The narrative reminds the reader that there is hope if you have depression or anxiety, and that there are so many reasons to stay alive.

I've been reading this on the Blloon app but I think I will have to buy myself a copy because it's one of those books I can see myself going back to read over and over again. A gem of a book and a perfect insight to what it's really like for anyone suffering with severe depression or other mental health problems.

Becky xo

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BEAUTY // LUSH Yoga Bomb

Lush Cosmetics' new bath bomb, the Yoga Bomb, is one of those products that is the definition of don't judge a book by it's cover - what seems to be a pretty average, glittery orange bath bomb will blow your mind once dropped into the bath, I can guarantee you will be impressed!

Let's talk fragrance first. So Yoga Bomb has a definite woody aroma to it. It's quite unusual to all the other bath bombs Lush stock and I do quite like it. When I first sniffed it I wasn't so keen but it has definitely grown on me and once it's in the water it is perfect to scent the room for ultimate relaxation. The main fragrances in Yoga bomb are Olibanum oil, Ho wood oil and Sandalwood oil and these blend together nicely. It's quite a unique scent, but I still really like it!

In the water, this bath bomb is truly mesmerising. I was a bit underwhelmed at first - it's a very slow fizzer designed to be more relaxing but in my eyes not much was happening. Just an orange foam packed with glitter. Then the magic happened...A swirl of  green and purple filled my bath. I was in awe as the colours didn't seem to stop appearing... It honestly feels like it is a never ending fizz! It was one of those baths I didn't want to come out of. I was glittery after as the glitter in this one stuck to me but it showered off really easily.

I cannot recommend this bath bomb enough. It's so different to all the other ones Lush sell and it's refreshing to have more of a woody/earthy fragrance to the bath products and it makes you feel relaxed and super chilled out - Yoga Bomb is perfect for those nights you want to treat yourself, run a warm bath and forget about the world!

Becky xo

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LIFESTYLE // My Bedroom Wishlist

Moving house is stressful. Most of you know that I've been living at my parents' house for just over a year no and I'm looking at my next place to call my own. Searching through estate agency websites is driving me insane so, to give me some light at the end of the tunnel, I've been dreaming of what my new interior design will be like in my new place (My poor old Pinterest account is exhausted), especially my bedroom. The bedroom is the most important place to feel snug and relaxing, so I think it's really important to create a unique, calming vibe in the room.

I've put together my little (well, not so little...) wish list of home ware items I'm lusting over for my bedroom. To be honest, I love how my current bedroom looks but it is so tiny I can't fit anything in so hopefully the next one I can actually buy all of these beautiful items to decorate my dream room with!

In Clockwise order:

'BRIMNES' Bed Frame, IKEA (£245)
How awesome is this bed? I just love the fact that it has the little shelves behind the headboard... think of all the things you could out there! I'd definitely keep my phone there and probably lots of books.  It also has under bed storage which is perfect for all my lovely bed linen I obsess over. Can you see a lust for storage ting going on here? Yep, I'm one of those obsessive hoarders so storage is perfect for me! And I hate the orange duvet covers that IKEA have put on so I'd go with these Belledorm 'Oyster' covers from The Yorkshire Linen Company instead.

Ornithology Birds Blue Wallpaper, B&Q (£20)
Bit of a cheat one this as I already have this wallpaper in my bedroom right now. I have the white version but I remember being torn between white and this baby blue one I've popped on my wish list. I adore this paper and I know that I will want it in my new bedroom when I move. It's a bit sad that I'd just use the same paper I have now but I honestly love it so much I'll be sad to leave it behind!

Boston Voile Panel White, The Yorkshire Linen Company (£8.99)
Voile curtains are gorgeous. I know some people aren't fans but I just think they add an almost Princess feel to the bedroom whilst still looking quite grown-up and sophisticated.  The Yorkshire Linen Company have so many types of voile curtains I was spoilt for choice but in the end I decided that I'd probably go for a nice, crisp, white shade for my bedroom. I was tempted by the Teal, because of the blue wall paper, and there are also some beautiful Nightingale print but maybe too many colours/patterns is overkill if I go with patterned wallpaper. Like I said, I like my bedroom to be super relaxing so dreamy, white, soft as clouds voile panels for me!

Newgate Covent Garden Alarm Clock, The Orchard (£22)
Vintage style is right up my street and I just think this alarm clock is delightful. Whether I'd actually use it or not is a different matter however I think it would look so stylish on a little side table next to the bed. They come in a couple of colours too, all pastel, which could look great in any bedroom. I would have gone with white but the baby blue one was much nicer than the cream so that got the prestigious place on my wish list.

'KNUBBIG' Table Lamp, IKEA (£11)
 Again, I have to confess, I already own this lamp. But this isn't cheating this time because I have the smaller version... this one is a little larger and would add much more light to my room than my current tiny lamp. I love IKEA lamps as they are stylish without going too over the top. The print is gorgeous and I love how the light shines softly through the frosted glass. Super relaxing.

Metal Tea light Holder, H&M (£1.99)
You know I love candles right? I do have a million and one candle/tea light holders but I really love the home ware from H&M and I had to include this beauty! Again, these tea light holders come in a variety of colours and they actually come in different shapes which is nice because you can get the perfect look for your room. Let's face it, tea lights are ugly but they give the room a lovely ambiance so why not dress them up in one of these holders?

I think you get a good idea of how my next bedroom will look by now. I'm fond of the cool tones, blues and whites, and the nice, ambient feel for the room, with the tea light candles and voile panels, to make it super relaxing. How do you style your bedroom? Which things from my wish list would you love in your room?

Becky xo

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*Disclaimer:This post was a collaborative post. Please refer to full disclaimer for more details*
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