The Non-Tacky(?) Geeky Homeware Wishlist

Hi, my name's Becky and I secretly love filling my house with geek-themed home ware.

Now I can't lie, some of the geek related home stuff I see is hideously tacky but there are some things I just can't help but like. Well, when I say some, I mean quite a lot! So here's my run down of things I'd love to own in my future house that may or may not be really geeky/tacky.

L- R order: 

Marvel Comics Spider-Man Canvas (£17.99, Truffle Shuffle)
I think the key to incorporating geek-related items into the home is keeping them 'classy' and having too much of it. I love this Spider-Man print canvas; it looks cool, it's not too comic-book looking and would look perfect in any room on a plain white wall.

Death Star Mood Light (19.99, Firebox)
How cute is this Death Star mood light?! I guess cute and Death Star don't usually go together but I love the idea of having a tiny spacecraft lighting up my bedside table. It's not too weird looking either so non-geeky friends wonder why on Earth you have spaceships as your choice of lighting ;-)

R2D2 Projection Clock (£19.99, The Gift & Gadget Store)
 I still have a retro R2D2 alarm clock somewhere in the loft and I adore it! I think it might have been my sister's that I stole actually. Anyway, I love R2 as he is one of my favourite Star Wars characters. This R2 is practical and looks smart too with it's time projection feature; the perfect alarm clock for Star Wars lovers.

Star Theatre Planetarium (£109.99, Firebox)
 I have always wanted one of these Star Theatres. I love star gazing so much so the fact I could bring it indoors makes me super happy. It's not quite the same as real-life star gazing but it still looks beautiful projecting constellations on your ceiling and provides a gorgeous night-time glow just before bedtime.

Lord of the Rings Drinking Jar (£14.00, Dark Wood Jar Company)
How amazing is this jar?! Drinking cocktails out of a jar is pretty hipster-cool anyway but a Lord of the Rings quote on the jar too?! Ultimate level of cool. That aside I really like the quote on this jar and I think it would look quite nice as a home decoration if you didn't fancy drinking out of it - maybe a cute pencil holder or something? There are loads of uses for this as it's so stylish.

Which of these geeky home items would you like for you own place? I think I'm pretty smitten with the R2D2 clock and the LOTR Drinking Jar!

Becky xo

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  1. I love the Art Deco Spider-man print, and I've always wanted my own planetarium!

  2. I love that Lord of the Rings drinking jar, I'm quite tempted to get it myself actually hehe! The planetarium looks so cool too, I haven't seen a geeky wishlist for a while so I'm glad I've come across yours!

    Ali :)


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