LUSH Oxford Street Haul August '15

A visit to London isn't complete without a quick trip to the LUSH Cosmetics store in Oxford Street. I went to London last week to visit my sister and we nipped into the shop to grab a few things before exploring London. I didn't get that much really but I thought I'd show you what I picked up and what you can find in Oxford Street Lush.

Big Bang bubble bar is a huge, blue solid bubble bath. It has a strong citrus smell so it will be really uplifting and happy in the bath. The pink stars on the top are a bath melt which is a nice touch and adds some moisturising power to the bath. I love the Lush bubble bars so I'm excited to use this one.

Cyanide Pill is a bath bomb I've heard loads about so I made sure I grabbed one on this trip! It smells like a faint marzipan kinda smell and it apparently has a load of silver glitter in the middle which is always great :)

Floating Island bath oil is so perfect I got four. I've had three of them before but I just love the vanilla smell and it makes the bath water so soft, I wish I could have one every bath. I love the Floating Island bath melt that Lush do too.

Miles of Smiles toothy tabs caught my eye because they are triple mint. I love the idea of toothy tabs (Lush's alternative to toothpaste) but haven't really liked any of the flavours we sell in store. This mint one smells lovely so hoping I like these ones!

Purple FUN. Everyone has to have FUN in their life - bath play doh?! Yes please! This purple version is pear scented and exclusive to Oxford Street so I just picked one up. I always use my FUN for bath bubbles and they last ages.

Determined eyeliner is a brown, cream eyeliner. I love the formula of the Independent eyeliner by Lush and I knew Oxford Street had a whole new range of exclusive make up that I wanted to try. My original plan was to go fro all the crazy and exotic colours but when it came to it I opted for this safe but lovely deep, chocolate brown.

Composed is the more risky of the eyeliners I chose! Composed is a steel blue colour with lots of shimmer and it is just beautiful on. It really makes my eyes pop!

I really love the Oxford Street exclusives and now they have been rolled out into Lush stores nationwide I have my fingers crossed that these products, especially the make up range, will be seen in stores soon too :)

Becky xo

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  1. Such a gorgeous haul lovely, I love the look of the Big Bang Bubble Bar and the scent sounds lovely :) I’m intrigued by the toothy tabs, how do you use them?

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. They are alternatives to toothpaste so you take a tab, crunch it between your teeth then grab your toothbrush and use the crunched up tab as the paste! They are a bit weird to get used to but they are really great alternatives and perfect for travelling! xx

  2. I love the look of those eyeliners. Composed looks like a really interesting shade :) x

    Jordan Alice

  3. You got some lovely products!
    I've only visited the Oxford St. Lush very quickly and only bought 2 things, both shower creams, but having seen this, I wish I'd spent a little longer looking for treasures.
    I'm not normally a massive lover of bath bombs as they can be a smidge overpowering, but the Cyanide Pill sounds like my type of scent!

    Lovely haul, hope you enjoy pampering yourself!



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