A day at Bristol Zoo

Recently I spent the weekend in Bristol and I knew one of the things I wanted to do was check out Bristol Zoo. I had heard wonderful things about the zoo and how they care for their animals, plus I had heard they had sloths which are my favourite animal, so I was excited for my day out there!

It is not the biggest zoo I have been to however it is one of the more memorable zoo experiences I have had. The staff were all really happy and obviously cared immensely about the welfare of their animals. The gorilla enclosure was closed for the public when I went because they were introducing a new animal there and I thought that said a lot about the amount of care going to these animals' lives - they aren't just expected to be on show all the time and they are given time to settle in their new environments which, as an animal lover, makes me happy :) The animals I did get to see were fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the fur seals who were very vocal! I was delighted to get the chance to see some sloths too. I almost didn't notice them until Nick turned me round and made me walk back through until I spotted them haha! I loved that you could walk through the fruit bat enclosure which is something I usually avoid (I hate walking through those bat places where the fly around you) but the zoo keepers were friendly and reassuring, meaning I got to see an amazing animal close up.

I also have to commend the food at Bristol zoo. Bit of an unusual thing to talk about when reviewing a zoo but I can honestly say that it was the best food service I've had at a zoo or wildlife park. The food was real food, not some crappy takeaway style stuff, and it looked like it had all been made fresh by the chefs. It's nice to have a substantial meal when you're walking around all day and the food tasted great. I had a quick look on the website and it turns out it is all local, ethical and from sustainable sources too which is amazing and I really appreciate it!

I cannot recommend Bristol Zoo enough. The entry price is good, staff are helpful, there are loads of different and happy animals about plus you can grab some nice food while you're there. I cannot wait to go back and visit again! PS - thank you to Nick, who was my photographer for the day and took all these lovely photos :)

Becky xo

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