The Halloween #ScreamHome Bake-Off Party

Want to throw your own Halloween party? Fear not... there is still plenty of time to get your place Scream  Home ready! This year I thought I'd keep it simple by doing little spooky get together. The team at Ocean Finance have written a great blog post to give you more ideas on how you can celebrate in your home this year, and they challenged me to have my very own #screamhome party inspired by what I think makes things most spooky.

 My top tip is keep it simple - do what I did and just buy a few horror films, put on some spooky themed food and invite some friends and family (to eat cake to make you feel better after watching so many scary films). Of course, I combined my love for The Great British Bake Off with this spooky holiday - what's a party without cake?! On a serious note, I find the simple effects more effective when it comes to scaring. I am terrified of the dark, ghosts and blood so I found ways to incorporate these in my party evening.


I think it's vital to set the scene for a horror scream home evening. Dim all the lights, carve up pumpkins and get some spooky looking bunting. I decided to go a bit Gothic with my setting and lit a load of candles in my living room where we would be watching films. Yankee Candle have a gorgeous range of Halloween themed candles which I used for the night. It gave such an eerie atmosphere.

Not so luckily for me, my best friend Emily LOVES horror films, the scarier the better, so we ended up getting The Babadook and Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. I have to admit that Paranormal Activity didn't scare me as it was virtually the same as the previous films in the series and it was very predictable. The Babadook, on the other hand, is terrifying and features the creepiest child, and his demon friend, you will ever encounter. Need I say more? I was hidden behind my pillow for most of that one.


Now, on to the fun part - Halloween themed cakes! Have you seen those Pinterest fail pictures? I kinda think mine would have a nice place on those types of websites but never the less I will show you what I came up with!

First of all, the easy ones: Graveyard Ghost Brownies. These were pretty simple actually! I previously blogged about my perfect chocolate brownie recipe and I used that one for these. Then I made up some sugar icing, placed a marshmallow on top and dotted some eyes on with blood red food colouring. These look no where near as impressive as the Pinterest version. In fact, they looked more like zombie heads than little ghosts. They tasted nice though. Win.

Next up is the Glass Cupcakes. Now these took a bit more effort and a lot more time. I made the cupcakes with a cake mix from Sainsbury's but to be honest I think  I could have saved money by making a cake mix from scratch, and it would have tasted better. The icing on the top is, again, just plain sugar icing with red food colouring splashed and smeared across the top. The glass is made up of boiled sugar. I used Lily Vanilli's recipe, but inevitably messed it up a little. The 'glass' went a bit brown and didn't set very quick. Luckily my Mom was around to help fix my mess and we managed to recreate the sugar glass. In fact, I thought these were going to look awful but they turned out pretty great! The glass is such a great touch and it makes them look gruesome- they would be a perfect centre piece to any Halloween party.

It just goes to show you can have a brilliant night in without having to spend a load of money. I managed to buy decorations, ingredients, DVDs and some drinks for less than I would have spent on a night out and I had equally as much fun. Why not make it a bigger event and ask everyone to dress up for the occasion? Let me know in the comments what you will be up to this Halloween :)

Becky xo

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