Lord of Misrule Shower Cream // LUSH Halloween 2015

Lord of Misrule Moisturising Shower Cream is one of those products that any Lush fan will have been eagerly awaiting! I for one am one of those people as I adore the Lord of Misrule bath bomb that has been released the last few years for Halloween and Christmas.

The Lord of Misrule scent is quite spectacular. It's got a spicy note to it as it is full of patchouli and black pepper oils which are great for this time of year when it starts to get a bit chillier. It's also got a nice sweet overtone to it as the shower cream contains Fair Trade vanilla absolute which gives it a kinda comforting smell and just sets off the spicy scents nicely :) If Halloween had a smell, it would probably be Lord of Misrule from Lush.

The cream itself is a bit weird and messy to use. I was horrified the first time I used it as it comes out runny, almost like water in texture, and leaves your skin green. Plus, because it's so watery, it goes EVERYWHERE and I was left in a bit of a green splash nightmare in the shower! After the panic of thinking I would be left with green skin forever more, it turned out that once you've added a splash of water and scrubbed it all up it does come off your skin (and I blasted the shower head on the sides of the bath and it came off no problem)! It leaves skin feeling much softer than regular shower gels and the scent lingers for ages so I could smell it throughout the day which was nice.

I'm really enjoying using thee Lord of Misrule shower cream as it means I can use one of my favourite fragrances more often - I don't have time to bath every day so a shower alternative is great! I don't think it is one I'll be stocking up on, I much prefer The Comforter Shower cream, but I do like the product and if you are a fan of the bath bomb, this will be right up your street.

Becky xo

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  1. I think I'm the only person not to of made a Lush order since the Halloween/Christmas Launch.
    I'm hoping today will be that day, and I'm putting this in the basket first!! I've always been more of a fan of Christmas but something about halloween is calling my name this year & I want ALL the Lush bits!?

    Sarah xo || See The Stars


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