Nightwing Shower Jelly // LUSH Halloween 2015

You know when you smell something and it smells so good you want to eat it but it's soap and you can't?! Well, Nightwing Shower Jelly by Lush is that exact product. Smells delicious. Looks delicious. Tastes like soap.

Nightwing is one of the new offerings from Lush this Halloween. It's a shower jelly, which is a jelly you can wash with, in the shape of a bat to fit with the spooky theme. Not only that, it is fragranced with lime oils so smells fantastic. It smells just like black wine gum sweets which I love! The jellies are made of seaweed, so they are free of animal based gelatin, which makes them really soft to wash with and Nightwing is no exception. It's also full of aloe vera which helps keep the skin nice and soft. The jelly lathers up beautifully and the smell lasts on the skin after you've washed with it too! I find the jellies work better if you squish them into a sponge or shower scrunchie thing, or just run them under the tap if you want to use them as bath bubbles.

My main issue with Nightwing is the mess it makes. I have no idea what it is, but I'd make a guess that the amount of oils and glycerin in the product make it really oily and sticky. This is great for skin but a nightmare for bathrooms as it leaves a dark purple stain everywhere. I have no idea how it even gets out of the sealed tub but it does! It's not a permanent stain (luckily as I got it all over my bed sheets) but still frustrating. Is this enough to put me off the product? It kinda is... I hate mess which is a shame because the jelly itself is fantastic and smells divine. Maybe I'll get used to the mess? It's a shame the mess puts me off such a wonderful product! Have you tried Nightwing jelly yet?

Becky xo

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