Snowman Shower Jelly // LUSH Christmas 2015

I am so happy that Snowman Shower Jelly is returning to Lush this Christmas! Everyone needs one of these little snowmen in their lives :) I stocked up on so much of it last year (hence the old packaging style in the pictures) but it's honestly a product you couldn't get sick of smelling - it's amazing!

You can see from the picture how many oils are packed into this bad boy and it is HEAVEN to wash with. It feels silky smooth and your skin feels great after. The scent is strong, it's like a tropical fruit-meets-blackcurrant smell, and lasts a long time on the skin once you're out the shower. I am obsessed with the smell of Snowman jelly - seriously it's so uplifting and happy! Plus he's a little snowman shape!! Why do Lush make such cute things?! 

To be honest, and brutal, I do chop my snowmen into pieces *eek*. Reason being is I find that the jellies form Lush don't lather that great on their own in one big lump but you can get a great lather when you chop them up and squish them into a shower sponge/scrunchie thing. You can also hold them under the tap and use them as bubble bath this way, they smell divine as bubbles!

Snowman Jelly is one of my top choices this year for Christmas from Lush. Have you tried him out before?

Becky xo

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  1. I've never tried this before but it sounds amazing! It's just made itself to the top of my wish list! x

    Jordan Alice

  2. I just picked myself up a Sparkly Pumpkin, but I did see all the Christmas ones when I was there. Snow Angel and Candy Mountain are definitely my top picks, along with Reindeer Rock soap! I might have to look into the Snowman Jelly...

    Louise x x

  3. I really want this! I love blackcurrant and other fruity smells so I feel like this would be right up my alley! Plus that jelly is super cute


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