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I wasn't too sure about my feelings towards Ridley Scott's latest film The Martian, based off the novel of the same name by Andy Weir. I love science fiction a lot but I have this presumption about space films that they are all bleak, dark and depressing as humans realise how insignificant they are in comparison to the universe. I was totally surprised by The Martian and how great the film was!

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The film is about a space mission gone wrong; when a huge dust storm hits a space mission on Mars, the astronauts are forced to evacuate the planet and abandon the mission. One of the crew, Mark Watney, gets hit by flying debris in the storm and is presumed dead by the Commander and the crew so gets left behind while the rest leave to head home for Earth. Unfortunately, Mark has actually survived the storm and finds himself alone and stranded on Mars. Sounds terrifying, right?

One of the things that most surprised me about this film is how funny it was. I was expecting a really heavy-going, serious film but I was glad to watch a somewhat lighthearted film and loved how the character of Mark Watney managed to keep the mood of the film up. There are, of course, some serious parts but it's nice to have a bit of relief in a film that shows the extreme risks and dangers of space travel. In fact, some parts actually left my jaw on the floor and my heart stopping as it gets quite tense but, I have to say, these points are few and far between. I enjoyed how Matt Damon portrayed Watney, he is a great actor in this film and is easy to like (which is vital as most of the film is about him or his rescue attempts) although I did wonder how realistic his reaction to being stuck on Mars was. I for one would freak the eff out yet he remained pretty cool considering he was lost on Mars.

Another surprising thing about the film was the amazing soundtrack. *spoiler* Watney is stuck with his crew's belongings and that one of these items is a music collection of the Commander, consisting entirely of cheesy 70's disco music much to his dismay. It fits really nicely with the film though, and helps keep the mood elevated as you can imagine it is a nice home comfort to Watney (even if he hates it). Honestly, I'd be pretty stoked with her music selection but each to their own!

I liked this film and, even though it was quite a long time to sit in the cinema, it was worth watching. I liked that it wasn't as serious as I thought which I guess could be a bad point in some people's eyes but I really enjoyed he film. I think I was expecting a masterpiece as it was by Ridley Scott but it wasn't really that dramatic and it's more of a film you could just stick on and watch without having to get too involved. I would love to read the book now and see how it compares!

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  1. I read the book and loved it! Can't wait to go and see the movie soon :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte


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