Cheshire Oaks Yankee Candle Haul

I am candle obsessed so you can picture my delight (and Nick's upset) when I realised that there was a Yankee Candle outlet store at the Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet. After dragging Nick in twice, I picked out a few candles that I couldn't resist and carefully whittled it down to three scents I just couldn't live without.

My first pick was one from their World Journeys collection and it is called Italian Christmas Biscotti. I've never heard of the the World Journey collection but guessing it's fragrances inspired from various places around the globe. These were on offer, I think they had 30% off, and as you can see it's a bargain for such a massive, two-wick candle. The fragrance itself is quite light and fresh - it's got that sweet bakery smell with a hint of lemon making it quite unique to other sweet fragrances Yankee Candle sell.

Next was one I could not resist - it's the White Chocolate and Mint 'Thank You' candle. I know it is meant as a thank you gift but it smelt divine and I had to pick it up as, again, I'd not seen this candle before.  It smells gorgeous - like Milky Bar meets After eight chocolates. This is a perfect scent for me.

Finally I got the Salted Caramel jar. This one I have heard wonderful reviews on and it is a friend of mine's favourite candle so I thought I would give it a go. It didn't smell as I thought it would because I thought it would be more sweet but it has a richer, caramel scent to it which is very true to proper salted caramel. It is an addictive scent as it's not sickly sweet but good enough to make your mouth water.

I highly recommend buying candles from a outlet store because you can get a bargain on the larger jars and, like myself, pick up some really unusual and rare fragrances. These three candles cost me just over £20 which is great! I can't wait to burn these :)

Becky xo

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  1. I love Yankee Candles so much! Salted Caramel is a great autumn/winter scent. I haven't seen or smelt White Chocolate Mint or Italian Biscotti but I bet they are great for this time of year.

    Sophie x


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