Why I Love Christmas // Blogmas 2015

It’s December which means that here on Geek Gets Glam it’s #GGGDoesBlogmas, meaning I there will be a blog post every day of December! It also means it’s the magical month of Christmas… a word you’re either over the moon to hear or sick to death of seeing already. 

I have to say, I am one of those super annoying Christmas-loving people. It’s funny really because my family aren’t religious and there is no special occasion around Christmas that I also celebrate (apart from my sister’s birthday on the 19th). I just love being annoyingly festive. I am a real life Will Ferrell Buddy the Elf, and there are so many reasons why you should be too!

First of all, the presents. It is always nice to get loads of presents to unwrap on the big day but I really quite like buying them all too. I always try and spoil my family as much as possible, treating them to what they want, because this is probably the only time we get to spend all together which is great – especially now we are all older and quite busy with our lives. Working in retail, I help out a lot of people who are buying gifts for their loved ones and I love that I am able to help someone with that daunting task of picking the ideal gift. I also love wrapping presents. It is so satisfying picking a theme and choosing ribbons to go around each gift. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to gift wrapping!

I’m a pretty big fan of the cold weather too. Call me crazy, but I love wrapping up in a bundle of scarves or indoors cuddled with a heap of blankets. I never say no to a mug of hot chocolate (marshmallows and cream thank you!) and I love when I see the coffee shops bring out their festive range of drinks and cakes. It brings me so much joy walking down the high street and seeing all the amazing and extravagant Christmas window displays in shops. You can stay indoors and watch unlimited Love Actually and Elf whilst drinking mulled wine and eating hundreds of After Eights. I’m not going to lie, I hate how cold my hands feel this time of year but it gives me a good excuses to wear a silly amount of animal themed gloves, right?!

Most importantly, as I mentioned before, Christmas means family time. I have a very small family and, as I work in retail, I rarely get chance to spend time with everyone together. The lead up to Christmas means I get to head rounds all my friends’ houses and deliver Christmas goodies for them, then on the big day I spend it with my family – including my Grandad who always provides great entertainment. Last year, we played charades and he somehow got Saw, as in the horror film, so watching a 92 year old man try and act out Saw was the highlight of the day. He hasn’t even seen the film, which made it funnier.

There is something to enjoy about Christmas for everyone, even you Scrooges out there can find some inspiration from this blog post! It’s a time of year to relax, celebrate and spend time with people, pig out and reflect on the past twelve months. I hope you enjoy the rest of my Blogmas posts, you can follow my posts with the hash tag #GGGDoesBlogmas. Have a good December :-)

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  1. i actually really dislike christmas but i'm making an effort with blogmas this year. I do love watching Love Actually and watching my little one open his presents always puts a smile on my face :) so glad you're doing blogmas! I look forward to reading all your posts x

    1. Yay! So glad we can do Blogmas together :D yeah it's lovely watching people open their gifts and get all excited xx

  2. Eeep what a wonderful way to start blogmas Becky!
    I think you & I are identical..you've explained all my reasons for loving Christmas too, I worry that over the year my expectations of Christmas are too higher and even when they are I still have the most perfect time celebrating!?

    Can't wait to read more posts :))
    Sarah xo // See The Stars

    1. Oohh we sound very similar indeed! I always build my expectations and then worry the week before that it won't be as good as I think haha! Thank you for joining me on my Blogmas posts :) xx


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