Luxury Advent Calendars - Are they really worth it? // Blogmas 2015

It’s that time of year again – December means advent calendars! This year Nick and I have gone all out for our advent calendars. 

Last year I managed to pick up the 2014 Ciate Nail polish one for an absolute bargain price of £15. I am not sure how I have managed resisting the urge of opening it all year. I know I’m a year behind on all the shades, as most people would have had them last year, but I don’t really mind as I use any colour of nail polish any time! 

I had a Ciate calendar last year and was very impressed with it. 30 mini nail polishes are ideal for me as I very rarely get through an entire bottle, so minis do me fine. There were only a couple of colours I really didn’t like last year so, for myself, I find the nail polish advent calendars a great alternative to chocolate. Ciate make amazing quality nail polish and if I hadn’t tried their range in their calendar than I would have missed out on a great product!

For Nick, I got the Star Wars Lego calendar. Again I got this with a discount online a while back so I only paid around £20 for it. I won’t lie, I bought this for myself and used Nick as an excuse but I knew he’d like it too so I decided to share the goods ;-) Behind each door is a Star Wars lego figurine with a Christmas theme. I adore these little figures and it’s so much fun seeing what is behind the door – I reckon the kids (and big kids) will love these! We are going to save the figures as geeky Christmas decorations.

My main problem with the beauty calendars? The price. I’d quite like the Body shop advent calendar but it is quite a lot of money for something that is an absolute luxury item. I don’t need anything in it and, to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have gotten my Ciate calendars the last couple of years had I not nabbed them in a sale. Sure, you can get cheaper advent calendars, but they are usually full of crappy products that not many people want. I’m really quite torn on the idea of the luxury beauty calendars and I think if I were to purchase again I’d maybe ask for one as part of my Christmas present. Or I’d splash out if I somehow got a nice, chunky bonus on my pay check. It’s a toughy because I think they are worth the money, it’s just a lot in one go!

Next year, I might find the middle ground and buy some luxury, chocolate calendars. Maybe if I spend a little more on the chocolate I’ll be satisfied. I have heard excellent things about Lindt’s calenders. I still love the beauty ones but at the moment I can’t justify buying them at full price as, lke I said, they aren’t a necessary item – it’s all just lovely little treats. Plus, I have enough nail polish to last me the rest of my life! Here’s hoping Nick will read this post and buy me a Body Shop calendar next year eh?! ;-)

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  1. I think the nail polish ones are really good! They are a fab alternative to chocolate. I got the yankee tea candle one this year and I love it! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I love the look of the Yankee Candle one xxx

  2. I don't think the beauty ones are worth it as personally, I prob wouldn't use half the items. I was looking at the Benefit one but when I really thought about it I decided against it as I knew that half the products would go to waste - I much prefer a chocolate one although this year I don't have anything!


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