Disneyland's Season of the Force event

You all know by now that I am a huge fan of Star Wars. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Rogue One like a child waiting for Christmas. If you're a huge Star Wars fan like myself, you'll be excited to hear that Disneyland Paris are now giving fans the chance to experience a breathtaking Galactic Celebration at the Season of the Force event.

From the 14th January to the 26th March, Star Wars fans can visit a galaxy far, far away (well, Disneyland Paris anyway...) and see your favourite Star Wars characters come to life. The Walt Disney Studio Parks are going all out to provide you with the chance to live the Star Wars saga for yourself by experiencing first hand events such as the Stormtroopers Patrol, First Order March and the Jedi Training Academy. This event sounds amazing and I am desperate to go and see it!

In celebration of the launch of the amazing Season of the Force, the lovely folk at AttractionTix are offering someone the chance to grab a free pair of tickets to see the new Star Wars film Rogue One at the ODEON [Sorry, this giveaway is now closed].


Being a Vegetarian at Christmas

Ever since I was a little kid, people have always asked me what I eat on Christmas day (or Sundays) because I'm a vegetarian. I always tell them "I actually starve myself as everyone knows that meat is the only thing to be consumed on Christmas day (and Sunday)".

Obviously, this isn't true. Contrary to belief, there are loads of vegetarian alternatives to be served on Christmas day without having to change the entire traditional roast. Most years I tend to have everything every one else is having, but swap the turkey for some Quorn sausages or Quorn chicken with onion gravy. This year, I thought I'd raid the infinite vault of knowledge that is Pinterest for some more veggie alternatives to serve up on Christmas day and I found quite a few interesting ones!


How To Survive Blogmas // Blogmas 2016

We're almost half way through the blogging challenge that is Blogmas and, to be honest, I'm struggling. The idea of Blogmas, or Vlogmas if you prefer to make videos, is to blog/vlog every single day in the lead up to Christmas and I have challenged myself to do it for the last three years.

The main problem with Blogmas is if youre not careful it is so easy to fall behind. I have missed a day this year because life happened and I just didn't get chance to plan everything. I felt like giving up but I'm pushing myself to finish the last couple of weeks!

Being a bit of a Blogmas pro, I thought I'd put together a little list of things to do to prepare you for Blogmas and make sure it is as stress-free as possible!


LUSH So White Bath Bomb // Blogmas 2016

One of the bath bomb that intrigued me from Lush Cosmetics this year was So White. You've probably heard of this one already as it's been a favourite bath bomb of Lush's for a few Christmases now and you may be asking yourself why I am finding it so interesting this year.

For 2016, So White got a rather fancy make over. It's seems Lush HQ had had enough of the old boring white shell, with the secret pink bath bomb inside, and revamped the much loved Winter classic. I couldn't wait to see what this one now did in the bath tub!


Why I Took A Year Off From Blogging

2016 was an awful blogging year for me. At the start of the year I was already suffering from depression when my long term relationship ended abruptly. Blogging was the last thing I wanted to do, and a lot of the content I was producing was half-hearted and, putting it simply, utter crap.

Of course, not everything was bad about my blogging in 2016. I did (somehow) manage to get in touch with amazing PR contacts who I am over the moon to be working with, and continuing working with next year. In terms of content though my blog has just been so quiet resulting in a huge change in all my statistics. I made my depression worse by blaming it for my inability to blog.


Reasons I'm on the Naughty List

There are two sides to me. I'm either an absolute joy to be around, or I am the devil incarnate. There is no in-between.

At Christmas time, it is enforced that we must try out best to be good every second because Father Christmas is watching our every move - especially now he has that creepy ass Elf on the Shelf thing that lives in the house and reports back to the North Pole on behaviour (wtf is that about?!).

Well Santa, sorry but I couldn't be bothered to be an angel this year. I tried... but naughty is better sometimes. It makes sense that Santa has popped me on the naughty list this year, and here are the reasons I reckon I made it.


Christmas Card Wish List // Blogmas 2016

There's something quite special about receiving a handwritten card for a special occasion and Christmas is no different. I remember back in school having to write 30 odd cards for all the classmates, a special few cards for your favourite teacher, then deposit the lot in a cardboard post box made by a teacher. The thrill of receiving a little card in your locker or school draw the days leading up to the Christmas break was such a great feeling it seems a shame to me to break the cycle of giving and well wishes!

Now I am an adult I find I have much fewer cards to write and send, but I still take time perusing the shops for the card that will make my sister laugh out loud, or make my Grandad smile with joy. Each card is chosen with love.

I've put together a wish list of my favourite Christmas cards that I've seen floating around shop aisles and online - why not have a look and see which ones you could treat your loved ones to?


LUSH Christmas 2016 Favourites // Blogmas 2016

Every year, I get excited for the Christmas collection that hits LUSH Cosmetics every October. Each of the collections have different stories and amazing inspiration behind them; I remember one of the gift ranges one year was inspired by Fred & George Weasley - it was all rockets, fireworks and exploding boxes! Lush have really spoiled us this Christmas with their festive offerings. I am a self-confessed Lush addict and I ended up buying a lot of the Christmas collection this year (For research purposes, of course...).

I thought I'd put together a collection of my top five favourite Lush Christmas 2016 products, a little review for each and reasons why you should try them out!


Christmas Decoration Wish List // Blogmas 2016

One of the best parts of Christmas is spending time decorating your house. I spend a lot of time decorating my home for the big day - Once I'm finished, my house looks like a replica Christmas grotto! I love scouring the shops for new additions to my decoration collection, I try and add a little bit more each year, so these are some of the bits I'll be buying this year for my Christmas decorating.


Festive Gift Fair 2016 at the NEC // Blogmas 2016

The Festive Gift Fair was celebrating its 21st anniversary this year, and I went along to visit the fair to see what Christmas gifts I could pick up for family and friends.

This was my first year attending the event, held at the NEC in Birmingham, and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I love Christmas so anything festive is good for me, but I knew the gift fair would just be a big shopping experience - I was hoping to spot some bargains to make my Christmas shop a bit easier this year!


Beauty and the Beast Book Tag // Blogmas 2016

I have seen this tag floating around on the internet for a little while, but it was Kirsty at The Bibliophile Girl that made me want to take the plunge and have a go at it. The tag is called "Beauty and the Beast Book Tag" and is a set of Beauty and the Beast themed questions about your favourite books, and was created by Kirsty at Kirsty and the Cat Read.

Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favourite Disney films so this tag is perfect for me. I won't be tagging anyone in particular, but if you're a Disney fan who loves reading you should have a go! Keep reading to see my answers to this tag...


Festive Bucket List // Blogmas 2016

It's the 1st of December which means it's the annual countdown to Christmas with Blogmas on Geek Gets Glam (You can read all my old Blogmas posts by clicking here)! To begin the festive season, I thought I'd kick of with what I've named the 'Festive Bucket List'.

We all know what a bucket list is, right? This Festive Bucket List is a list of ten things I'd like to do before Christmas day. It's a mix of things I have never done, that seem quintessentially Christmas-sy, and things I've done before but not for a while. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I love spending time with friends and family. It also gives the perfect opportunity to rest up and relax after the year.

Here is my Festive Bucket List:

Top 5 Epic Moments in The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings

I remember being amazed the first time I saw The Lord of the Rings. My sister and I had gone to see it at the cinema for my sister's birthday and it was one of those films that stays with long after the first viewing.

Much to my delight, a collector's edition of the Middle-Earth 6 film collection has been released. The box set includes 30 DVDs of the films plus hours of extra bonus footage. There is also an exclusive 100-page sketch-style book with replica The Red Book of Westmarch, and two original reproductions of watercolour paintings by acclaimed conceptual artists Alan Lee and John Howe.Perfect for any fan!

In celebration of the release of this DVD collection, I've compiled five of my favourite epic moments from the 6 films.


Spectrum Noir Colorista Haul*

I have to confess; I am a sucker for an adult colouring book. I wasn't so sure at first, thinking it was just a bit of a craze that would soon pass by, but as someone who suffers with anxiety problems I find colouring books a way to relax and unwind. There is something so satisfying with bringing someones drawings to life and is a great way to chill out after a stressful day.

The Colorista range by Spectrum Noir is a 'revolutionary colouring system' created by the team at Crafter's Companion. The range is designed to make colouring easy for everyone. Whether you're a complete beginner or a colouring expert, the specially designed markers and pencils are the perfect addition to a craft lover's collection. I got the chance to try out the Colorista range for myself and see if the brand could really bring adult colouring to a new level!


'Station Eleven' by Emily St. John Mandel

I finally finished Station Eleven. Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel, is a hybrid book of post-apocalypse science fiction, people and relationships, and popular culture. Sounds messy, I know, but Station Eleven tells the intriguing stories of the survivors (and the ones less fortunate) of the Georgia Flu pandemic, and how the world is affected after the global disaster.

Station Eleven begins with the death of famous actor Arthur Leander. Shortly after Arthur's death, the world faces a deathly outbreak of the virus Georgia Flu that spreads rapidly across the globe leaving survivors few and far between. Station Eleven explores the lives of people surviving the world during and after the outbreak, and if I had to describe it as something, I'd say it is kind of the Love Actually of sci-fi books (in a sense that you're following lots of character's stories that intertwine with each other - does make sense?!).


LUSH Pumpkin Bath Bomb review

As I said in my last LUSH Halloween post, I've been quite impressed with the huge selection Lush have offered us this Halloween! It's normally a really small collection, overshadowed by the Christmas range, so I'm pretty pleased to see so many Halloween bath bombs for my collection!

Today I'm talking about Pumpkin Bath Bomb. This bath bomb promises pumpkin pie smelling bath time goodness, and is a brand new one for Lush so I was looking forward to trying this one out.


Paul Mitchell Ultimate Colour Repair Collection

Anyone with coloured hair will know how much of a pain it can be to stay on top of your colour and maintain a fresh-looking dye. I have been a bit of a hair dye addict for years now and the older I get, the more aware I am of the damage the chemical dyes actually do to your hair.

I find myself leaning towards products specially formulated for hair that has been dyed, so when I saw the Paul Mitchell Ultimate Colour Repair it was safe to say I was pretty intrigued by it all. One of the things that caught my eye was the fact that the products boasted 'quinoa' as on of it's key ingredients - something I'd never known was good for hair!


LUSH Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb review

It's safe to say I was pretty shocked, in a good way, when I saw how many Halloween bath bombs Lush Cosmetics had released this year. They usually keep it pretty low key and have a couple of products for the season but this year I was pretty pleased a wide range of spooky goods on offer!

This little thing here is called Monsters' Ball. It was love at first sight for me because, shallow as it sounds, he looks so darn cute. He kinda has that Mike Wazowski look about him with his big, chocolate button eyeball and I will pretty much be suckered into buying any bath product that has a cute face (I'm lookin at you Butterbear). So, despite being cute, was Monsters' Ball any good once I threw him to his watery grave in my bath tub?

Turning 24

Enjoy my childhood throwback,,, Also why is my Christmas dinner red?!
Somehow, after a year of complete shit being thrown at me from all angles, I made it to 24 years of age. And what a year it has been!

I always think birthdays are a good time to reflect on your achievements over the past year and this birthday I honestly feel really accomplished - a total turnaround to how I felt last year on my birthday. Last year I was happy enough, but scared and holding on tightly to the last bits of my sinking ship of a relationship. I poured everything into that person, so when it ended I was devastated.


That Lame Company Haul & Review*

thatLAMEcompany, an online, independent stationery company, has been buzzing around my social media feeds for a while now. I guess the name makes the company recognisable, not to mention the endless amounts of praise I was reading on my Twitter timeline for their products. Needless to say, I was intrigued and wanted to try something from thatLAMEcompany. I was happy to see the company had kindly gifted some of the products for the Blogger Tiki Party event so I could see what all the fuss was about!


Lush Halloween 2016 Haul

Lush's Halloween 2016 dropped on the 23rd September  - a week earlier than usual! I'm guessing so there is time between Halloween and Christmas stuff, but either way, I was super excited to get my hands on a few products for the spooky season.


The Lush Creative Showcase 2016

*Warning - Picture heavy post!* I almost wet my pants when I managed to get tickets to the first Lush Creative Showcase. As a Lush addict, being a fan from a young age and having previously worked there, I was ridiculously excited to be heading down to the Creative Showcase. The day offered the chance to have a sneak preview of the Halloween and Christmas products launching later this year. I went down to the Showcase with local bloggers Katrina and Sarah, and I couldn't think of any better girls to spend the day with!


Crafter's Companion Chesterfield Opening

Growing up, I was always encouraged to try crafts. My Mother is a lover of crafts, from quilting to painting, so it seems natural that both my sister and I are avid crafts and arts people.

When I received an email in my inbox about a new Crafter's Companion store opening in Chesterfield, I was really quite intrigued to see what the shop was all about. Crafter's Companion is an international craft supplies company who want to put the fun into crafting. Started by founder Sara Davies, Crafter's Companion provides crafting supplies (literally every type of craft item you could wish for) as well as a range of CD's that can teach you the best techniques for your latest crafting adventures. The Chesterfield store is the second branch of Crafter's Companion, alongside their popular website, and is opening inside Dobbies Garden Centre.


PaperChicCo Haul & Review

There's nothing more satisfying than coming across a product you've been searching for for ages. I am a big fan of writing and making lists. When I blog, I find myself jotting my ideas and schedules down more frequently than typing it up on the laptop so finding any kind of blog-related stationery is a Godsend for me.

When I came across PaperChicCo, an independent stationery company run by fellow blogger Claudia, on Twitter I instantly fell n love with the clean, pastel based designs and knew I had to order some notebooks for myself. PaperChicCo has a selection of notepads and organisers designed specifically for bloggers, along with cute stationery items like washi tapes and pencils, plus a huge range of downloadable blogging organiser printouts on their Etsy page.


What to do in Manchester

Have you ever visited a city that you fell in love with instantly? Manchester was that city for me. Having never been before, I decided to head up to Manchester with my good friend Charlotte for a spot of shopping, cocktails, and good food. It is safe to say that I was not disappointed!

Manchester is an industrial city in the North West of England. Despite being well known for its culture, architecture, textile history and football clubs, I had no idea what to expect when I got there. I was amazed at the sheer size of the place; I live near Birmingham so I'm used to big cities but Manchester just seemed to be a maze of quirky independent shops and unusual side streets where you could find yourself lost for the day. A lovely place to be to explore!

So, what impressed me about Manchester? Let me tell you about the places that knocked my socks off during my time there...


#EastMidsMeetUp 13.08.16

Last week, I hopped on the train to Leicester to meet up with some of the East Midlands bloggers. I usually go to events in the West Midlands so it was nice to meet up with blogging friends from the East, and meet new people too!

I met up with a few of the girls in the train station and we headed up to Bru; a quirky, independent coffee shop that was the stuff of sugar lover's dreams!


The Best Blogger's Planner? ft TOAD Diaries*

Bloggers love planners. It's just a fact of life. As a planner addict, I can't help but get excited when I hear abut a new brand - especially if they make something that is specially designed with bloggers in mind.

I find it so relaxing to write down my blog ideas, my to-do lists and make charts on when I'm uploading content so planners are ideal for me. When I went to the Blogger's Tiki Party, I was lucky enough to meet a brand called TOAD Diaries who very kindly gifted me a prototype of their new Blogger's style planner to give a thorough test to see if it is any good for us bloggers.


Sorry, I've Screwed Up

I'm gonna hold my hands up on this and say that I have completely screwed up. And, by screwing up, I've let myself down and created this weird cycle of self-hate that seems to be lingering around. I'm working on getting rid of it - hence this blog post.

What did I do exactly? I screwed up by forgetting that blogging is my hobby. Blogging is my HOBBY. It's not my job, it's not my second income, it's what I do for fun. I had completely forgotten that, and it's ruined my creativity the last six months (amongst other things but we'll save that for another day).

Where it all went wrong...

I started blogging years ago. I can't even remember when to be honest. I started Geek Gets Glam about three years ago, after giving up YouTube. And that's pretty much the main problem - when I'm stumped on something, I just give up. So, like I said, I stopped videoing, which I loved, and started blogging, which turned out to be something I also loved doing. So far so good!

My blog grew steadily. It became my baby, I adored blogging and the world it allowed me to enter. And then I fell into the trap of constantly trying to earn profit off my blog, and competing against other bloggers for numbers. It's not a nice place to be in really. Your hobby becomes less of a passion because, frankly, not many nice people are passionate about being rich and famous. I kept re-branding the blog but missing my own deadlines, putting stupid pressure on myself, and struggling to write about things I didn't even want to write about. I was just writing what I thought would do well. And it was only amounting to a blog of crappy writing and a few free events here and there, as only a few invites would be relevant to my blog. I was losing sight of what I loved about writing, and why my blog existed.

And that's why I'm starting over and taking this back to a hobby. Don't get me wrong, it's great to earn money off a blog and I have nothing against those who do. If the right opportunities come up for me to monetise my blog, I'll take them. I just don't want it to be at the sacrifice of my passion for writing. I want to be able to encourage my peers in their blogging pursuits rather than be a jealous bitch because I'm not earning as much as blogger X, or have as many followers as blogger Y. It's not me.

I'm reclaiming my space on the internet as a place to write about the things I love and be proud of my work. To chat with my friends who read my blog. And just enjoy it all again! Who else relates to this?! I'm starting over with my blog, and I've not been this blog-happy in a while :-)

Starting over

Let me re-introduce myself. I'm Becky, a geeky girl who isn't your typical beauty blogger. I like writing. I like lipsticks. I like Star Wars. I'm obsessed with tea and cake. And if you own an animal, I'll probably be your best friend in seconds.

You can read more about me here: About Me

This blog is Geek Gets Glam, where I write about geeky stuff; books, games, films, that kinda thing. Occasionally might slip in a LUSH bath bomb review. I write three times a week.

I am also pleased as punch about my YouTube channel, which consists of general chattiness and me doing funny reviews of films. : Geek Gets Glam on YouTube

If that doesn't sound like your cup of tea, I write in other places too! Check out my About page for my links ;-)

I can't thank you enough for reading all of the above - looking forward to a fresh new start with my little blog!

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What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

Millennia #StoreAwakens Store Opening

Last weekend, I was invited along to the store opening of Millennia; a shop that specialises in TV, movie, games and sci-fi merchandise. This shop sounded right up my street so I couldn't wait to check out their opening weekend.

It's safe to say that Millennia did not disappoint!


Suicide Squad Wish List

Everyone is talking about Suicide Squad. Whether your a hardcore DC fan, or just excited to see a new action-packed superhero film, you've probably been keeping an eye on the updates of the upcoming movie staring Jared Leto, Will Smith and Margot Robbie, to name a few. And what better to celebrate the release of the movie than with a Suicide Squad themed wish list?!

I have put together a wish list of some of the coolest Suicide Squad related products I could find on the net and thought I'd share them with you all so you could treat yourself!


The #BloggerTikiParty Meet Up


Being a part of the blogging world can sometimes be a bit overwhelming; As blogs have become mainstream and easier to access, there has been a boom in people creating content for blogs. I know from personal experience it is kinda intimidating trying to get your voice heard across all these amazing blogs however I've found that attending blogger events, like the #BloggerTikiParty in Birmingham, helps relieve my anxiety - it turns out all of us bloggers are pretty friendly and love meeting each other!


Living with depression

As I’m sat writing this, I’m crying my eyes out. My eyes are swollen. I’m not coping with things at the moment.

And that’s a common thought I have that comes and goes in waves. I actually haven’t had it for a while – I’d kinda blocked it out for ages and thought I was getting better. The thing is, you don’t just get better from depression. Sure, you can learn to manage it better. You can’t just snap out of it and wake up and be happy. It doesn’t work like that. 


Cheerz Photo Album

Cheerz is one of my favourite apps. As a photograph lover (there is nothing that makes me happier than reminiscing over old photographs), having an app that makes it easy to print and collect copies of pictures snapped on my phone, or shared on Facebook, makes me super happy. 

When Cheerz reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their brand new Photo Album I was over the moon. Making an album usually consists of hours of printing photos, running out of ink, cropping the pictures wrong, running out of photo corners, running out of pages in the album… the list is never ending! I was curious to see how the process would work out as I’ve never had an album personalised, printed and sent to me with minimal work on my part before. I have tried, and loved, Cheerz products before (you can read the reviews here and here) so I was eager to get stuck in and create my album.

Teami Blends 'Alive' Review

I am a tea addict. I think it comes hand in hand with the crazy book lady package, you know? Anyway, when the team at Teami Tea Blends, an organic tea blend company that promote wellness and health, reached out to me asking if 'd like to try their tea I jumped at the chance. I mean, who better to test a tea range than a self confessed tea-addict?

I'm actually quite fussy with tea. I've had herbal teas and 'detox' teas before and hated them because they tasted so bad. I can't stick to something if it tastes horrible, so I've not been too successful with tea blends before! Despite this, I opted to try Teami's Alive Tea Bags and see if they were as magical as the website claimed!

What is Teami Blends Alive?

Teami Alive is a blend of ginger honey, lemon grass and green tea intended to give your body a boost of nutrients and vitamins - ideal if you often find yourself feeling sluggish or feeling under the weather. I opted for the Alive blend because I struggle sleeping and kind of rely on my morning caffeine boost to keep me awake, so I was hoping this would help me ease off the caffeine and feel rejuvenated naturally. It also came in tea bags which was handy for me as I could take a few bags to work with me if I needed a boost.

Teami give you a lot of choice

One of the main reasons I decided to try Teami was that there is a HUGE choice on what tea you can purchase. You can get loose leaf, tea bags, a whole bundle or just one set of tea bags and there are so many different flavours to chose from. All the flavours are named, such as 'Alive' or 'Energy' and I found this quite refreshing from the usual tea detox type programs as it wasn't centred on loosing weight - Teami's focus is for you to get the right blend of tea for what your body needs.

How was Teami Alive?

For me, the tea bag was really quite convenient. I love loose tea, but I need something that I can just pop into a mug and get drinking and sometimes loose tea is a bit of a faff (although Teami do sell tea infusers and tea tumblers to make it easier to brew). The tea bag contents did freak me out a little because it looks like leaves. And, by leaves, I don't mean tea leaves. I mean leaves off a plant or a tree. They are quite chunky! Anyway, I popped the tea bag into some boiling water and went ahead with it anyway. It brewed quite fast, and the tea itself goes like a regular green tea colour which was a relief. It smelled delicious!

But did it taste OK?!

I was kinda surprised by the taste of Teami Alive. After reading the ingredients, lemon grass, honey and ginger, I was expecting it to pack a punch but it honestly tasted of nothing. Now, this isn't a bad thing! Like I said, I'm quite fussy with my tea so I'd rather it taste quite plain and I can drink, and enjoy, the whole cup rather than it tasting bad and having to throw it away. It was nice to not dread drinking the tea, which I've had many times before with other tea detoxes I've tried. By the middle of the week, I'd added a slice of lemon to my Teami Alive which made it taste better for me but obviously that's personal preference!

Would you buy again?

I'm actually quite impressed with Teami. I didn't feel miraculously more alive after the week but I did notice a change in my body. I am trying to cut down on caffeine so these tea bags have been life savers in that respect - they gave me a better energy boost from the green tea as opposed to my regular black tea first thing in the morning and I actually slept really well at night while I was drinking these. I'd like to try the Relax blend next time I think.

My diet isn't the best at the moment, so while I did feel less sluggish drinking these first thing in the morning, I didn't notice a vast improvement on my metabolism or weight. I guess the Alive blend isn't intended for weight loss, but the website says it's good for the colon, eliminating cramps, and generally giving your body that nutrient boost it needs. If you're diet isn't too clean anyway, no amount of nutrients will help it. I'd be curious to try these again if I went on a detox diet or a clean eating diet, I think I'd reap the benefits more!

I am happy to have found a natural tea blend company that does something good for my body. Teami Alive has been a great addition to my routine and I am intrigued to try a few more flavours in the future! If you are curious to try Teami, I'd recommend the Alive blend or have a browse on their website and find a blend that will work for you.

If you order, make sure you use my code GEEKGLAM to get 10% off your purchase* :)

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What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

*Disclaimer: This post s labelled as an 'Ad' however, Teami Blends kindly gifted me the product in exchange for a review. All views are my own.
Not only do you get 10% off, I get 10% comission too, enjoy your discount! :D

Cocktails & Facials with The Body Shop

The Body Shop has been doing a lot of 'growing-up' recently. With the introduction of luxury spa products, innovative skincare like Oils of Life Sleeping Cream, and a total redesign of their packaging, The Body Shop is stepping up their game and I am very excited to see what they have been up to!

I was kindly invited along to an evening of cocktail making and pampering at The Body Shop New Street store in Birmingham, which was organised by The Blogger's Parlour. Having been off the blogging scene for a little while I was eager to get myself out and about, and meet up with some new blogger friends!

Ideal Homes Show 2016

On 2nd April, I headed down to Olympia in London to have a wander round the Ideal Homes Show, courtesy of the wonderful people at British Gas who were kind enough to send me the tickets to go. To be honest, I'd never heard of the Ideal Homes Show but I am OBSESSED with interior design so I was excited to have a look round the show.

The Ideal Homes Show is an exhibition showcasing the best of home interior design, innovative technology, and cutting edge architectural elements, like eco homes for example. The show also included, much to my delight, a huge food section and a beauty and fashion area. Ideal Homes Show is pretty much an all round crowd pleaser! Not only is there something for everyone, the show itself runs for about three weeks so there is plenty of opportunity to head down and have a proper mooch around everything this show has to offer. Here are some of the highlights from the show.


Things You'd Never Know About Me

A lot of people describe me as being quirky. I'd agree with that and it got me thinking - what are the little quirks that make us up? What makes us us?!

Here are some things you don't know about me but probably should. Like the Becky Warning Label. Here goes...


The Ohh Deer #Papergang Stationery Subscription

I think this stationery subscription box is the best kept secret to all... if you've not heard of the #Papergang you need to keep reading. You are missing out. It's not often that I do reviews now... but I couldn't not tell you about this.

Brought to you by the people at Ohh Deer, the quirky illustrated gift company, the Papergang is a monthly stationery box filled with amazing Ohh Deer products. If you're a stationery addict, you need to get this box in your life because it is amazing. If you need more convincing, here's what I received in the first month's box.


10 Reasons you should visit Lush Oxford Street

Most people know by now that Lush has opened it's giant store on Oxford Street but not everyone has had chance to visit it. I've been lucky enough to go a couple of times now and I can honestly say it is such a great experience!  Here are ten reasons you should be getting yourself to the store right now...


Breaking up with Tinder

Tinder. We need a chat. It's not quite working out for us, is it?

I have tried countless times to try and get on with you. And, while I can't deny that you are wonderful for a pick me up when I feel like crap, in the long run it's just not going to work out for us for a number of reasons.

First of all, I can't deal with how shallow you are.You should actually be called "Does this person mutually fancy you?" because even when you get a Match, it is almost impossible to form any kind of decent conversation with 99% of people on there. It was fun and games at first. I had such a laugh with you playing 'Hot or Not' with all these men you were parading in front of me, but I can't keep playing games with you forever Tinder... The buzz you get from getting a match is just too short lived!

The Famous Easter Bake-Off

I love a good old fashioned family tradition. One of these traditions in our household is the annual Easter Cake Bake - one of us creates the most majestic of all cakes, covered in all things Easter related, and we scoff the lot within a couple of days.

I can't imagine Easter without a fabulous cake so I thought I'd share my best tips for creating a cake that Mary Berry would be proud of.

Embracing Change

"Everything is about to change". This statement will either fill you with excitement, or utter fear.

Recently I read an article by Heidi Grant Halvorson that said that people believed that "longevity = goodness" (you can read the rest here), and therefore the longer we sustain something the better it is. This means that we are already programmed to be resistant to change.

My generation is one that is stuck in what I’m going to call a ‘change conflict’; we strive for tradition, longevity in actions and the ideal notion of being loyal when, in reality, we live in a world that is constantly changing and moving on. It is impossible to sustain both ways of living. In fact, I’d argue that it’s impossible to live a life of keeping everything the same and be happy.

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