'712 More Things to Write About' review

Creativity comes in bursts. Some days I cannot stop coming up with ideas to write about, so many in fact I have to save them into my phone, and other days I am totally stumped. Writer's block can be a bit of a bitch if you write a lot like me because you start to feel hopeless and that you will never write again.

Is there any cure for writer's block? Keep writing. This is harder than it sounds, I know, so I have enlisted the help of 712 More Things to Write About. Yes, a book. I spotted it in the sale at Urban Outfitters and, having had my eye on it for a while, thought it must have been fate I bumped into this book when I had the worst case of being-too-nervous-to-write syndrome. It's a book of creative ideas to get your pen writing instantly and I think it is fabulous for anyone wanting to write, whether it be blogging or trying to write a novel, poem, etc!

712 More Things to Write About, by the San Francisco Writers' Grotto, is a journal-style book full to the brim with writing prompts. 712 to be exact. This is the second instalment of these types of books (the first being 642 Things to Write About) but these prompts are designed to be more easy to sit down and complete in ten minutes. This is ideal for those who are rushed off their feet and would rather do a few short writing tasks a day, than sit down writing for an hour on one task.

I found this is a book I can get started with straight away. Other writing prompt books tend to ramble a bit about the task, where as this one is full of short snappy prompts like 'Write a birth scene with an unexpected twist' and 'An argument via text message'. You don't even need to think about writing, the tasks are so simple you can get on with them straight away, but they are still engaging and stimulating on the brain. The book has a mixture of short tasks you could maybe do in 5 to 15 minutes, and a few tasks that are a little longer so there is a range of tasks to pick depending on how much time you'd like to spend writing. Each task comes with its own dedicated area to write your 'answers' in.

Whenever I need a creative boost, I pick this book up, open it on a random page and get writing. I have had no problems finding stuff to write about after using this book - it's just perfect for getting the creative brain cells working! It reminded me a lot of the writing tasks my old creative writing lecturer used to give me.

This book is perfect for pretty much any creative person. Whether you just want an alternative to an adult colouring book, or you're serious about writing and looking for prompts to get you started, 712 More things to Write About is going to be ideal for you. I cannot recommend this book enough - I have had hours of fun working my way through the tasks and they have even inspired me to get back into creative writing! What are you waiting for... go grab your copy now!

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  1. Oh I'm so tempted to purchase this book! I'm currently in the middle of a writers block, I've been writing blog posts after blog posts for the majority of this month and now I've got a few days away from work my mind just doesn't want to concentrate on it...it's got me so down :(
    Something like this would really help me out :))

    Sarah xo || See The Stars

    1. I'm sure it's only £4 in the Urban Outfitters sale! It was last time I checked xxx

  2. I read 712 More Things to Write About. And I found there a lot of great ideas! Sometimes I like to visit this writing service https://academic-consultants.com/dissertation-writing/ It happens when I don't want to write by myself.


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