10 Reasons you should visit Lush Oxford Street

Most people know by now that Lush has opened it's giant store on Oxford Street but not everyone has had chance to visit it. I've been lucky enough to go a couple of times now and I can honestly say it is such a great experience!  Here are ten reasons you should be getting yourself to the store right now...

1 - The shop itself is the biggest store Lush have opened; it's set out over three floors and even has a cinema, spa and perfume gallery. The cinema did scented screenings of festive films over Christmas - including Elf!

2 - The staff are the friendliest bunch you will ever meet. They will pamper you head to toe, should you want it, or they will guide you straight to that bath bomb you've been lusting over. Ask them any skincare question, they'll amaze you with their knowledge.

3 - They sell exclusive products that they don't sell in other Lush stores. asdfghjkl. Think of all those amazing bath products you've never seen before.

4 - They also sell giant sizes of Lush products. WE ALL NEED A KILOGRAM OF SHOWER GEL IN OUR LIVES RIGHT?!

5 -  The range of make up they stock in the Oxford Street Lush store is insanely brilliant. Everything from foundation to blusher, lip liner, lip tint, eye shadows.... I highly recommend the liquid eyeliners.

6 - The decor is beautiful. The demo stations in the bath section of Lush Oxford Street consists of really cool, industrial style sinks. In fact, pretty much every part of the store looks like something from Pinterest that you'd love to have in your own house.

7 - You can sit down and have a face mask done. You can even have a hair treatment done in their special Hair Lab - they have hair dryers and everything so you can really get truly pampered whilst trying out a new Lush product!

8 - Sometimes Lush Oxford Street have special speakers appear at the shop to raise awareness for Lush's charity events. You can sit down in these talks and get to know the faces behind the charity, or the reasons they do what they do. It's a cool way to learn about ways to save the planet.

9 - Have you heard of FUN? It's basically modelling clay (aka Play Doh) that doubles up as SOAP SHAMPOO AND BUBBLE BATH what sorcery is this?!? If that hasn't blown your mind, Oxford Street have limited edition FUN kits so you can build mermaids, speed boats, monsters and aliens to jump in the bath with you. SO much fun.

10 - It's pretty much the place to be if you're a hardcore Lushie, and you will bump into fellow bloggers and Lush lovers while you're shopping. It's so easy to chat to other people while you're at Oxford Street store... it's one big Lush family!

A huge huge HUGE thank you to a lovely lady called Maria, who took almost four hours showing my friend and I a true Lush Oxford Street shopping experience and pamper - it was magical! What are you waiting for... book your train tickets now!

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  1. I only live 45 mins away and I still haven't visited Lush Oxford St! It's definitely on my to-do list, it looks great, I love the sound of the spa!


    1. Jenn the spa is amazing!! Really worth a visit if you cna, I know the Ox St spa gets very busy so call in advance and they can let you know what spaces they have xxxx

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