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Cheerz is one of my favourite apps. As a photograph lover (there is nothing that makes me happier than reminiscing over old photographs), having an app that makes it easy to print and collect copies of pictures snapped on my phone, or shared on Facebook, makes me super happy. 

When Cheerz reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their brand new Photo Album I was over the moon. Making an album usually consists of hours of printing photos, running out of ink, cropping the pictures wrong, running out of photo corners, running out of pages in the album… the list is never ending! I was curious to see how the process would work out as I’ve never had an album personalised, printed and sent to me with minimal work on my part before. I have tried, and loved, Cheerz products before (you can read the reviews here and here) so I was eager to get stuck in and create my album.

What is Cheerz?

Most of us get a bit snap happy when were out and about. I am constantly uploading pictures to facebook and Instagram, but nothing beats having a physical copy of a photo in your hands to share with friends and family. 

That’s where Cheerz steps in. Cheerz provide you with everything you need to print your own photos from your computer or your social media channels; whether you fancy them in a polaroid-style print or presented in a neat little box, Cheerz have got you covered. 

How does it work

I have always found it really easy to order from Cheerz. You can either upload pictures to their website or to their app. It automatically syncs with your social media (permission granted) and you can easily select the pictures you want to order. Simple!

What is the Cheerz Photo Album?

Cheerz’s latest product is the Photo Album. Inspired by one of the founders honeymoon, the album is a way to showcase your most prized memories in a way that you will be proud to show off.

Is the app any good?

For my photo album, I decided to put the app through its paces (I used the Android version). I usually order straight from my computer as I store a lot of pictures on memory sticks but I thought I’d go for the app this time as I wanted to use photos from my Facebook page. 

The app itself is easy to use. It’s quite fun scrolling through memories and picking the ones you’d like for your album. The album can hold up to 150 pictures which sounds like loads but in reality it’s hard to stick to when you have so many pictures from each event! Pictures loaded fast though which was good. I really enjoyed how customisable the picture layout was on the app – you can easily switch pictures to spaces and layouts with a swipe.

I spent an hour choosing my photos. Clicked to upload them and order the album and that’s when, unfortunately, it all went a bit wrong. It just refused to load the next page and was stuck on this error screen for ages. I gave up in the end out of frustration.

While I enjoyed using the app, I will stick to the web version of Cheerz from now on as I know it’s reliable and saves the heartache of spending time picking pictures that won’t upload.

The Cheerz Photo Album

The album itself is beautiful. You can choose from a range of cover colours, personalise your cover picture, add titles and captions to pictures - it's just a dream for creating your own personalised photo album. Waiting for this album felt like forever but it was completely worth the wait.

I'm not ashamed to say that I had a bit of a tear in my eye when I opened the box and saw this amazing photo book in front of my eyes.  I chose a navy blue cover which came had backed. The album is made up of high quality, thick paper pages and the pictures are printed to a very high standard. I would not hesitate to order another one of these albums.

I am obsessed with my new phot album. I think they would make ideal gifts for close friends, family, or just a way to document a special occasion in a special way. If you fancy ordering a beautiful album for yourself, or any of their other cool products, then make sure you give yourself a discount by using my code! If you use the code "REBSHO" when placing an order or click here,you get a whole £4 off your order.

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What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

*Disclaimer: The lovely people at Cheerz gifted me this photo album free of charge, and my discount code works on a commission basis. Content written by myself.

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