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thatLAMEcompany, an online, independent stationery company, has been buzzing around my social media feeds for a while now. I guess the name makes the company recognisable, not to mention the endless amounts of praise I was reading on my Twitter timeline for their products. Needless to say, I was intrigued and wanted to try something from thatLAMEcompany. I was happy to see the company had kindly gifted some of the products for the Blogger Tiki Party event so I could see what all the fuss was about!

thatLAMEcompany was started by graduates and bloggers Chloe and Charlie. Starting up business from their kitchen, the pair have now grown the company to a 50+ product range, including the launch of the super popular 'Big Box of Lame', which is subscription style box packed with quirky stationery and prints.

The pack I received from the Blogger's Tiki Party included three postcard sized prints and a pad of post-it notes. The postcard prints are great quality. I love the floral print one and I can see myself using this as a photograph background for my smaller items. The quote prints would look amazing if they were popped into frames - I think I'm going to pop these on my gallery wall in my bedroom.

The post-it notepad is really cute! I love the design and it is ideal for my desk at work. I'm always writing lists so with this I can make my lists and stick them to the edge of my PC screen so I don't forget my tasks. I also might use these to take phone calls and arrange events in my journal. I can write my event times & details, then stick it to my diary! It's the perfect size to do this too which is ideal.

I love the quality of these products from thatLAMEcompany and I can see myself ordering more from these gain. I especially love the prints and the notebooks I've seen on their website. I'd also be pretty curious to try out their 'Big Box of Lame' - I've seen raving reviews about it so I think it's time I tried it for myself!

Have you heard of thatLAMEcompany before? What things would you buy from their store? Leave it in the comments below!

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*Disclaimer: I received these items free of charge at a blogger event, but all opinions are my own. Content written by myself.

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  1. I love thatLameCompany and I need that stars quote. It's soo pretty
    Beth x
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