Disneyland's Season of the Force event

You all know by now that I am a huge fan of Star Wars. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Rogue One like a child waiting for Christmas. If you're a huge Star Wars fan like myself, you'll be excited to hear that Disneyland Paris are now giving fans the chance to experience a breathtaking Galactic Celebration at the Season of the Force event.

From the 14th January to the 26th March, Star Wars fans can visit a galaxy far, far away (well, Disneyland Paris anyway...) and see your favourite Star Wars characters come to life. The Walt Disney Studio Parks are going all out to provide you with the chance to live the Star Wars saga for yourself by experiencing first hand events such as the Stormtroopers Patrol, First Order March and the Jedi Training Academy. This event sounds amazing and I am desperate to go and see it!

In celebration of the launch of the amazing Season of the Force, the lovely folk at AttractionTix are offering someone the chance to grab a free pair of tickets to see the new Star Wars film Rogue One at the ODEON [Sorry, this giveaway is now closed].


Being a Vegetarian at Christmas

Ever since I was a little kid, people have always asked me what I eat on Christmas day (or Sundays) because I'm a vegetarian. I always tell them "I actually starve myself as everyone knows that meat is the only thing to be consumed on Christmas day (and Sunday)".

Obviously, this isn't true. Contrary to belief, there are loads of vegetarian alternatives to be served on Christmas day without having to change the entire traditional roast. Most years I tend to have everything every one else is having, but swap the turkey for some Quorn sausages or Quorn chicken with onion gravy. This year, I thought I'd raid the infinite vault of knowledge that is Pinterest for some more veggie alternatives to serve up on Christmas day and I found quite a few interesting ones!


How To Survive Blogmas // Blogmas 2016

We're almost half way through the blogging challenge that is Blogmas and, to be honest, I'm struggling. The idea of Blogmas, or Vlogmas if you prefer to make videos, is to blog/vlog every single day in the lead up to Christmas and I have challenged myself to do it for the last three years.

The main problem with Blogmas is if youre not careful it is so easy to fall behind. I have missed a day this year because life happened and I just didn't get chance to plan everything. I felt like giving up but I'm pushing myself to finish the last couple of weeks!

Being a bit of a Blogmas pro, I thought I'd put together a little list of things to do to prepare you for Blogmas and make sure it is as stress-free as possible!


LUSH So White Bath Bomb // Blogmas 2016

One of the bath bomb that intrigued me from Lush Cosmetics this year was So White. You've probably heard of this one already as it's been a favourite bath bomb of Lush's for a few Christmases now and you may be asking yourself why I am finding it so interesting this year.

For 2016, So White got a rather fancy make over. It's seems Lush HQ had had enough of the old boring white shell, with the secret pink bath bomb inside, and revamped the much loved Winter classic. I couldn't wait to see what this one now did in the bath tub!


Why I Took A Year Off From Blogging

2016 was an awful blogging year for me. At the start of the year I was already suffering from depression when my long term relationship ended abruptly. Blogging was the last thing I wanted to do, and a lot of the content I was producing was half-hearted and, putting it simply, utter crap.

Of course, not everything was bad about my blogging in 2016. I did (somehow) manage to get in touch with amazing PR contacts who I am over the moon to be working with, and continuing working with next year. In terms of content though my blog has just been so quiet resulting in a huge change in all my statistics. I made my depression worse by blaming it for my inability to blog.


Reasons I'm on the Naughty List

There are two sides to me. I'm either an absolute joy to be around, or I am the devil incarnate. There is no in-between.

At Christmas time, it is enforced that we must try out best to be good every second because Father Christmas is watching our every move - especially now he has that creepy ass Elf on the Shelf thing that lives in the house and reports back to the North Pole on behaviour (wtf is that about?!).

Well Santa, sorry but I couldn't be bothered to be an angel this year. I tried... but naughty is better sometimes. It makes sense that Santa has popped me on the naughty list this year, and here are the reasons I reckon I made it.


Christmas Card Wish List // Blogmas 2016

There's something quite special about receiving a handwritten card for a special occasion and Christmas is no different. I remember back in school having to write 30 odd cards for all the classmates, a special few cards for your favourite teacher, then deposit the lot in a cardboard post box made by a teacher. The thrill of receiving a little card in your locker or school draw the days leading up to the Christmas break was such a great feeling it seems a shame to me to break the cycle of giving and well wishes!

Now I am an adult I find I have much fewer cards to write and send, but I still take time perusing the shops for the card that will make my sister laugh out loud, or make my Grandad smile with joy. Each card is chosen with love.

I've put together a wish list of my favourite Christmas cards that I've seen floating around shop aisles and online - why not have a look and see which ones you could treat your loved ones to?


LUSH Christmas 2016 Favourites // Blogmas 2016

Every year, I get excited for the Christmas collection that hits LUSH Cosmetics every October. Each of the collections have different stories and amazing inspiration behind them; I remember one of the gift ranges one year was inspired by Fred & George Weasley - it was all rockets, fireworks and exploding boxes! Lush have really spoiled us this Christmas with their festive offerings. I am a self-confessed Lush addict and I ended up buying a lot of the Christmas collection this year (For research purposes, of course...).

I thought I'd put together a collection of my top five favourite Lush Christmas 2016 products, a little review for each and reasons why you should try them out!


Christmas Decoration Wish List // Blogmas 2016

One of the best parts of Christmas is spending time decorating your house. I spend a lot of time decorating my home for the big day - Once I'm finished, my house looks like a replica Christmas grotto! I love scouring the shops for new additions to my decoration collection, I try and add a little bit more each year, so these are some of the bits I'll be buying this year for my Christmas decorating.


Festive Gift Fair 2016 at the NEC // Blogmas 2016

The Festive Gift Fair was celebrating its 21st anniversary this year, and I went along to visit the fair to see what Christmas gifts I could pick up for family and friends.

This was my first year attending the event, held at the NEC in Birmingham, and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I love Christmas so anything festive is good for me, but I knew the gift fair would just be a big shopping experience - I was hoping to spot some bargains to make my Christmas shop a bit easier this year!


Beauty and the Beast Book Tag // Blogmas 2016

I have seen this tag floating around on the internet for a little while, but it was Kirsty at The Bibliophile Girl that made me want to take the plunge and have a go at it. The tag is called "Beauty and the Beast Book Tag" and is a set of Beauty and the Beast themed questions about your favourite books, and was created by Kirsty at Kirsty and the Cat Read.

Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favourite Disney films so this tag is perfect for me. I won't be tagging anyone in particular, but if you're a Disney fan who loves reading you should have a go! Keep reading to see my answers to this tag...


Festive Bucket List // Blogmas 2016

It's the 1st of December which means it's the annual countdown to Christmas with Blogmas on Geek Gets Glam (You can read all my old Blogmas posts by clicking here)! To begin the festive season, I thought I'd kick of with what I've named the 'Festive Bucket List'.

We all know what a bucket list is, right? This Festive Bucket List is a list of ten things I'd like to do before Christmas day. It's a mix of things I have never done, that seem quintessentially Christmas-sy, and things I've done before but not for a while. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I love spending time with friends and family. It also gives the perfect opportunity to rest up and relax after the year.

Here is my Festive Bucket List:
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