Christmas Decoration Wish List // Blogmas 2016

One of the best parts of Christmas is spending time decorating your house. I spend a lot of time decorating my home for the big day - Once I'm finished, my house looks like a replica Christmas grotto! I love scouring the shops for new additions to my decoration collection, I try and add a little bit more each year, so these are some of the bits I'll be buying this year for my Christmas decorating.

Photo credit: Wilko

Nordic Polar Bear Decoration // £1.50 // Wilko // Buy Here 

How sweet is this little polar bear? I think 99.99% of my Christmas decorations are animal related, so this one naturally made the list. It's a bargain at £1.50 too.

Pearly Glass Bauble // £1.50 // Wilko // Buy Here

This bauble screams sophisticated Christmas decor. I love how simple but beautiful the bauble is, they could easily fit into pretty much any colour scheme, and I think I will be buying a few for my tree this year.

Photo credit: Paperchase

Glitter Wish Reindeer Decoration // £3 // Paperchase // Buy Here

What's not to like about this? It's a glittery reindeer! I like the kind of rustic element that is added with the 'wish' sash, it makes the glitter a bit less tacky (Although, I love tacky so it might not be everyone's taste!)

Alphabet Battery LED Decoration // £6 // Paperchase // Buy Here

Light boxes have become popular in the last year, so it makes sense that we are now seeing more light up decorations such as this LED Alphabet letter. I think this would make a stylish addition to your Christmas decor, and I like that you can personalise it by choosing your letter. You could get a letter for each member of your family :-)

Photo Credit: Matalan

Traditional Large Christmas Wreath // £20 // Matalan // Buy Here

It's not Christmas to me unless there is a whacking great wreath hanging on your front door. I even blogged about making your own wreath last year.  I really enjoy the wreaths at Matalan this year. They have a good mix of styles and this one caught my eye in particular as I like the more natural, Nordic look it has.

Hedgehog Christmas Tree // £3 // Matalan // Buy Here

Surprise surprise, another little animal decoration. This little hedgehog is just so sweet looking! Again, he's made of natural looking materials, even down to the twin hanger rather than ribbon, so I think he would look lovely in a woodland themed decor.

Which of these are your favourites? Will you be picking any of these up? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love Wilko decorations, they are a bargain. Good place to get some pretty glass ones that don't break the bank.


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